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Just made the huge decision to return home after an amazing adventure living around the world?

Do you doubt your decision, now you're faced with the mundane life you originally left? I’m here to help unpack your baggage. Lets shine light, inspiration and energy onto your new path forward.

You know the feeling... you’ve crashed back down to earth after returning home from an adventure of a lifetime? Or maybe you're dreaming up your next travel plans to escape the normality of home because you just don’t fit in anymore. Are you in a daily slump, struggling because everything you love or dream about is a million miles away? Do you just want to feel grounded and know you’re in the right place?

Having travelled and lived overseas I know the empty feeling that follows when returning back to ‘the real world’. Are you bored out of your mind, feeling like you just can't relate to this place? I’ve been there too. Or maybe you're wondering how you will ever let go of life on the road and create one that you love. I hear you!

I stared at the blank walls of my new place for hours on end, wondering how I would get over the post-travelling blues and live a meaningful life. I couldn't relate to old friends because I had changed so much. I felt my closest friends were now scattered across every corner of the globe. I realised that everything I found enjoyment in was on the other side of the world.

Can you relate?

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Together we will create an inspiring plan to energize your life back home.

My role as a life coach is to show you how to take the skills you have learned from travel and adventure and apply them to the other areas of your life.

Are you ready to...

  • Hit the ground running in your life after that big adventure?
  • Create energy and excitement in your everyday after seeing so much of the world?
  • Energize and invigorate your soul and feel grounded in your next steps?

 Creating harmony and balance in your life in one thing, you will also gain

  • Renewed enthusiasm for life in the 'real world'.
  • Tools to help you from falling into the post-travel blues.
  • Creativity in areas you never thought possible.
  • Confidence to live a well rounded energized life.
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So what's included?

12 weeks

  • Pre consult questionnaire
  • Six 60min group sessions over 12 weeks
  • Group Facebook page for connection and support
  • Unlimited email support between sessions

You will achieve all you want and more from life coaching with me if you...

  • Have returned home from a long stint abroad and are struggling to find your place back home.
  • You feel disconnected from old friends because your experiences have changed you.
  • Want to keep ‘living the dream’ but simply can’t understand how that is possible.
  • Know that you have so much to offer this lifetime, but you're just not sure on how.

Does this interest you?

I'm currently running a pro bono pilot group for this program. Please register your interest below.

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There is nothing more valuable than your life adventures!

Untapped potential is waiting for you to create an incredible new start. Let's transform your experiences into a truly meaningful life. I can’t wait to meet you. It's your time.

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