Focus on whats working.

Have you ever felt so deep inside a funk you just don’t know what way to turn? I have! The compound effect when a series of small events happen one after the other. They stack up on top of each other and the load seems to get heavier and heavier. Nothing is working, in fact you're so clouded you can even operate your mind in a normal way.

I found myself in this place a few days ago. No direction that I turned had the answer. I was on the negativity spiral, things had not been working out, and I couldn't see any way how they would ever turn out. I had some beautiful angels come to the rescue. I’m convinced I couldn't really see it then. But looking back now I’m in full gratitude of these incredible women.

We're living in a fast past world, you would have to agree. There is so much happening and news travels at the click of a button or at speed of a post. There are so many trillions of messages flying around in our every day, how on earth do we funnel them into our lives to best serve us.

As many of you know, we're experiencing a massive awakening in the world today. A rise of consciousness and awareness one might describe it. This really is impacting the planet. Many ‘light’ workers, healers and spiritually awake beings are starting to be heard with their powerful messages.

One of those leaders is Peta Kelly, most recently voted by inc. magazine as one of the top 27 females business leaders - female entrepreneurs who are aiming to change the world . Her mission is to mobilize the next generation of conscious powerful is that! I was fortunate to hear her speak a few weeks ago and I wanted to share with you my biggest takeaway message from her.

To act in leadership our most powerful moments are not in the glorious times of delivering inspirational messages, but during the times that are not always seen. The times that appear tough, where most people will complain about the happenings and events. The times when things don't go your way, or may seem like they are not in your highest good. How are you showing up in those moments?

I don't want to confuse this way with being completely ignorant to the unfortunate events that are impacting the world. Its important to be aware of whats happening, just not to dwell here. There are a lot of people living in this place… kind of the ignorance is bliss. I'd have to admit this has been me to some extent of my awakening. But I'm learning now that we can't just ignore them, but we must not feed them either. We have enough people doing that. Coming from a place of fear, only breeds more fear. We must come from a place of love and abundance.

How can we create and impact during times like this?

  • We can be the non complainers...even when we really want to rant and rave about all that’s not going right, it will not serve anyone, including yourself. Try turning to a journal as an alternative way to get it out of your mind.

  • Flip to focus to gratitude...start thinking about the things we do have going for us rather than the things we don’t. Scarcity, breeds scarcity, abundance breed abundance.

  • Mostly it's our actions that have the biggest influence, focus on what we are doing and how we are showing can you be the positive example? Taking action can pull us out of these feelings and get us focused on doing something for someone or something.

  • We can be the never know who is watching you and what message they are taking away. It may just be one comment or one lesson that someone will take from you that will help them flip their mindset and pull them into a better place.

This week alone I’ve been flipping in and out of this way and trying to retrain my mindset. I’m learning that when we are in a positive action state, focusing on what we have and what's working for us and where we want to be, we create momentum.

Know that this practice takes work. We must consciously choose to show up in this way. This requires changing habits, changing beliefs and changing our mindset. Positive, action orientated momentum. Flip your focus to what’s working, when you find yourself falling out of this way, think again to flip your focus. We all have a choice. Please choose carefully.

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