Flow into the adventures of your life.

Welcome back to the "add more adventure to your life" series!

I'm sharing with you the tips and tricks that I use to add more adventure into my life. My aim is not to tell you exactly WHAT  you can do to have more adventures e.g. go skydiving or take a road trip. Rather I'll share how you can BE, ways you can think and actions you can take to draw more of your kind of adventures into your life.

Adventure is different for everyone so adopt my tips to suit you. Apply them to your version of adventure. Decide for yourself what adventure means. Ill show you the tools and you just have to implement them. Think outside the box, apply these principles and you too can truly lead an adventurous life.

Go with the flow

You can use 'flow' to draw adventures into your life, rather than always chasing them!

What do I mean by that? To gain a better understanding of this concept, lets first take a look at what FLOW actually is. Flow can be defined as "a steady continuous stream of something" or "moving steadily and continuously in a current or stream." In our case flow is a steady continuous stream of living your life in joy, ease and adventure, it will feel like you effortlessly floating along in the stream of your life.

So what can you do to flow into adventures or have adventures flow to you?

  1. Have unplanned time - always so planned with dates times and schedules in our diary being locked in so there is no room for going with the flow. Have an afternoon, weekend or even a week unplanned then you can have spaces in your day where you can flow.
  2. Do what brings you joy and happiness in that moment - during this chuck of unplanned time simply do what makes you feel good and what flows to you in the moment. When we have planned things days or weeks prior to that date it may not feel right to do when the time comes. Instead do what feels joyful for you right then and there.
  3. Be open to what flows to you - this can simply be exploring what ever pops into you day, perhaps you hear from a friend or have a suggestion from a partner. Maybe an and idea pops into your head and you can explore that then and there because it feels good and effortless.


How has flow drawn adventures into my life?

Just the afternoon I had a chunk of unplanned time. I received a text message from a friend who I hadn't seen in a while. She was suggesting we hang out and go for a walk to the beach. The afternoon ended up being really nice, after a warm day we went on a wonderful bush beach walk on a trail that I hadn't walked on in a long time so it really was a different and enjoyable experience. 

On a larger scale when I traveled to South America I really didn't have many plans. I had a ticket booked and I wanted to figure it out along the way or see what advnetures would flow to me. I was able to do what felt good at the time. I followed suggestions of others, I followed my intuition and was spontaious at times which meant I was was able to flow around South America on my travels. This experiance was effortless, easy and full of joy.


Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen...or not happen...trusting whichever way it goes is for the best.
— Mandy Hale

On a final note

When you find yourself in flow life will feel timeless, spaceless, joyful and easy. Being present will feel effortless. The adventures you draw into your life will be pefect for that moment, flow in the steady stream of your life and see what happens.

Add more adventure to your life series...


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