Go somewhere new to spark adventure in your life.

Welcome back to the "add more adventure to your life" series!

I'm sharing with you the tips and tricks that I use to add more adventure into my life. My aim is not to tell you exactly WHAT  you can do to have more adventures e.g. go skydiving or take a road trip. Rather I'll share how you can BE, ways you can think and actions you can take to draw more of your kind of adventures into your life.

Adventure is different for everyone so adopt my tips to suit you. Apply them to your version of adventure. Decide for yourself what adventure means. I’ll show you the tools and you just have to implement them. Think outside the box, apply these principles and you too can truly lead an adventurous life.

Go somewhere new.

The very act of moving your body helps you to move into a different space sparks an adventure. When you don't know where you're going, it's exciting as you see things you have never seen before. You become curious and start to explore.

The simple element of mystery helps you to 'play' which we, as adults don't do enough of. We can look to children to see how much they play, yet we don't really do it ourselves.

It's really that simple...

  1. Go to a new cafe or restaurant - go alone and look at what they do differently, what is the atmosphere like, the food, the surroundings and the other people that are there. What music are they playing? What does it smell like. Does it inspire you?

  2. Take a different route on your commute - I’m sure you have heard this one before, don't settle for the same trip, walk commute, do it differently. Mix it up a bit walk or ride a bike, you will see the journey from a different perspective.

  3. Take an afternoon or day to go on a road trip and visit somewhere you have never been - You will be amazed at the sights around your home that you never knew existed. Be curious and explore.

Once a year, go someplace you have never been before.
— Dalai Lama

My example

Last winter I packed up my life and went to live in the mountains. I know this experience is not possible for everyone but this was an opportunity for me to have an adventure. While I was there I was able to explore and adventure. I walked on new trails, visited waterfalls, did hikes and also visited surrounding towns. I meet new people, and went to new shops.

Even when I returned home, I found I was able to go to new places. I visited a friend who took me on a new walking trail and I was so excited just to see my home town from a different perspective.

On a final note.

We get complacent in our rituals, routines and the places that we visit. Sometimes going somewhere new means getting out of your comfort zone, so be it. Dive into the curiosity and wonder and let the experience flow to you.


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