Have you tried being more Spontaneous?

Welcome to the "add more adventure to your life" series!

Are you looking to bring more adventure into your life? I can help you. So many people say to me...

  • "you have such a great life"
  • "you're always off adventuring here, there and everywhere"
  • "you're always doing something new"

I would have to agree with you here. Yes I do have an amazing life and I do love adventures and doing new things. I make a point of living my life to the fullest right NOW. Not waiting for the perfect moment or waiting for the weekend. In saying all of this, I really don't believe that my life is not much different to yours...in the day-to-day happenings. That's why I want to share with you they way I like to invite more adventure in. Because I know if you apply these tips to your life, you can absolutely have such a great life right NOW.

Throughout this series, I won't tell you WHAT I think you should do to have more adventures e.g. go skydiving or take a road trip. Rather I'll share how you can BE and ways you can think and actions you can take to draw more of your kind of adventures into your life.

Adventure is different for everyone so adopt my tips to suit you. Apply them to your version of adventure. Decide for yourself what adventure means. Ill show you the tools and you just have to implement them. Think outside the box, apply these principles and you too can truly lead an adventurous life.

Be spontaneous...

What does that even mean? "Performed or occurring as a result of sudden impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus." Lots of words I know. Perhaps in simple terms spontaneity can be explained as "acting on impulse or inclination without conferring with too many thoughts or opinions of others." Like the Nike slogan "just do it."

The idea, thought or gut feeling may have appeared in your life several times by now, its time to take that idea and turn it into a real life event.

How can you apply spontaneity to breed adventure?

  1. Make a decision - Draw a line in the sand on whatever you are pondering and commit. Make the choice about what you will do. If an idea has been popping up a few times, its time to take this idea and start taking steps towards it.

  2. Don't overthink - Spontaneity requires trusting in your instincts, intuition and gut feelings. So often we feel like we need to justify our thoughts or ideas - we do not! If you hear these types of questions, stop them immediately...go back to how good that gut feeling felt!

    • will this work?
    • will this fit for me?
    • do I have enough time?
    • what are the pros and cons of this?
    • why is this good and why is it not?
  3. Take action immediately - What can you do right now to take a step forward and get the ball rolling? What is one small thing you can do right now and take that action.

What spontaneos adventures have come for me from taking these steps...?

Visiting beautiful waterfalls - One Sunday afternoon, it was an absolutely beautiful day. I knew I wanted to get out into nature and go and see a waterfall. Being time bound, I had to get into action fast as I only had 4hours before an appointment I had. I googled where I could find the closest waterfall and I found Trentham falls which was about and hours drive away. Without overthinking the visit I made the decision to go, I committed. As I was time bound this helped me to take action immediately. Packing my bag with water and snacks, looking up the route and then getting in the car toward my next adventure. This turned out to be the most spectacular afternoon and such a wonderful waterfall I never new was so close!

Spontaneity also fuelled me to act on this series "add more adventure to your life." This originally started as a 30 day series of facebook live videos where I shared my tips on how to add more adventure into your life. Motivated to "show up live" in some way every day for 30 days, I came up with this idea. Normally I would have pondered it for a few days and asked people on their opinions, as I needed to get started with the challenge the next day I committed to "running with it." I brainstormed the tips I wanted to share and away I went! This was a fun project and I really enjoyed engaging with my audience and viewers.

Over planning, kills magic.
— Unknown

Final note

Stay true to yourself in your spontaneous actions, you dont have to look so far outside the box that you'll end up somewhere that is not your version of an adventure. Trust your gut and let the rest unfold.


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