Adventuring in nature will fuel your soul.

The jump didn't look that high, I've certainly jumped off higher things before in my life and done things 100 times more crazy than this. Yet for whatever reason it still gave me incredible nerves. You have to do these things quick, I thought to myself as I barefootedly hopped my way to the rocky overhanging ledge next to the top section of Kundalilla Falls. Game face went on and I knew if Frosty and Tyler could jump, then I was jumping. Agghhh yes, I'd need a countdown...I steadied my feet on the uneven rocks. In my head I counted down three, two, one, I swung my arms up and leaped as far as I could forward, my legs couldn't help but run through the air as I was now falling fast to the waterhole below.

What a rush I felt as my body filled with high energy vibrations. Not only from the jump but by surrounding myself in nature. We were in the Sunshine coast hinterland and it was a hot and humid day. The yellowish brown water did not deter us from swimming, the place was beautiful and the water much colder than the ocean.

The next day we were at it again...Adventuring I mean. The wake up call was 4.30am if we were to make it to the top of Mt Tibrogargan before the heat and humidity set in for the day. The drive out was pretty much in silence as the light of the new day grew clearer and clearer. The magnificent orange sun rose and filled the entire sky with the most vibrant colours you can imagine. Soon enough we were at the base of Tibrogargan, on of the glasshouse mountains.

Frosty had explained it to be small section at the start which was challenging and then pretty easy the rest of the way. Id envisaged a rock scramble to a point where there would be a trail to follow. Instead we followed a path and swatted the early morning mosquito's away. We reached the rock scramble where we had to decide from a few different lines which one we would take. I felt like I was back Werribiee George without a harness. So many different options to choose from. The rock scramble stretched almost the entire way. Always having to concentrate on your next move. At the top the rocky shrubs and a path guided us to a beautiful outlook were we admired the new morning.

Coming down was just as important as going up, piece by piece we figured out this mountain. Once carefully placed foot at a time. Once down at the bottom I felt fulfilled again like I had yesterday, a different kind of rush and sense of achievement as we set off to the next destination.

Noosa and the fairy pools at Hell's Gage. By now the sun was out in full force and it was hot walk out to the pools. They were empty when we arrived. Sure enough there was more jumping involved, this time the pool being narrow, surrounded by rocks and filled with pristine water. Again the nerves crept in as my friends started to chant my name. "No Chanting" I yelled below, it made me nervous and Id rather go on my own terms, the internal countdown in my head. Steadying my feet I leaped, plummeting into the teal blue water with my toes gently kissing the sand at the bottom.

The nature around us was incredible and so energizing. Out last day of adventuring consisted of nature walk with palm trees lining the path and creating a canopy above where only sparkles of sunlight gleamed though. Along the river we were greeted by smaller rock pools and waterfalls until we reached the end, Buderam falls. The water hole below was too shallow for jumping but the surrounds were epic. We peaced out in the calm pools chatting to strangers who also seek the same nature therapy we were after.

Spending all this time in nature, disconnected from communications and only concerned with our own agenda was incredibly satisfying. There is something to be said for dancing in the forest, wandering through the mountains and mermaid through the ocean. The world is full of energy, and nature possess the finest kind. You can feel in by the ocean, mountains and in the rain forest. Energy of the purist from.

Some call it 'earthing' some call it 'grounding', 'nature therapy.' Call it what you wish but what ever you do, get within it. The vibrant natural frequency will fuel, recharge and cleanse your soul right to your inner being. I promise you will love it.


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