How to create your own space after returning from travel.

One of the most challenging things from returning from a long stint overseas is creating and settling into your own space.

After being away for an extended period of time, you return home to a place that no longer seems familiar. You may have spent all your money on your travels or time living overseas. If this is the case its highly likely your going to have to move in with family, friends or a housemate. Its so incredibly important to set up your own space so you feel inspired to tackle the transition of returning home and this important piece of the puzzle wont contribute to frustration of the transition and reverse culture shock you may already be facing.

I was driving down the highway one night and I remember the feeling vividly. Turning into the street I felt sick to my stomach about where I was going, I felt empty and I felt trapped. I was going home.

Nearly a year had past since I had returned home from my life in Canada, as if that transition had not been hard enough. I was so fortunate that I had been able to create my first base at my parents house on the coast so I could start setting up the foundations for my next step. But I knew in my mind that I wanted to find my own space to live. A fresh new place that I could call home.

The process had been interesting as I had heard about 'the law of attraction' and had started to apply these concepts to my life. The law of attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. When I knew I was coming home I'd started to envisage how I wanted to set myself up, where I wanted to live and in particular my bedroom space.

When I first saw my new place, I felt shocked that this process had been surprisingly accurate. My new apartment was in the same town, a stones throw from the beach and very close to where I'd envisaged. The colour and location of the room in the apartment was spot on and my bathroom had matched what I'd asked for too.

This place seemed too good to be true, I had designed the idea and it had come to fruition. However, there was one thing I had forgotten to factor into my design. The environmental energy of the other people in my house.

I accepted the room and moved in that summer. For the first few months I'd been concerned about settling in and because it was summer I wasn't in the house much. One of my housemates was a flight attendant which meant she spent about half the time at home and half away working. The other was studying a PHD and working infrequently in another role. This meant he was often home for long periods of time but he also opted for lengthy times away and headed for the mountains during the winter months.

A lot of the time I had the place to myself and I did my best to make it feel like home. The place was clearly designed for holiday makers so it was little difficult to infuse a sense of homeliness. During the Summer, Autumn and Winter the house was not full. My housemates and I were either out in the weather or away on holidays. It was springtime where we all seemed to slide back into our routines at home.

Toward the end of the year friction built up between one of my housemates and I. I had never felt completely comfortable around him and now I was getting niggling messages, emails and comments about my things in the house (Im talking after leaving my coat on the back of a chair and leaving dishes drying in the sink.) After not being able to resolve this, one afternoon I packed up my belongings and moved out of the house.

It now dawned on my how incredibly important our own space and home living environment is. This is a place where you create where you can feel inspired, come home to at the end of the day, relax and let you be you. The energy in this space should be uplifting, happy, free, relaxed and open.

What you need to create your own space that you will love, especially after returning home from a long trip overseas.

  • Comfort - You need to be able to relax in this space. The place you live, the place you come home to after the events of your everyday. You want to be able to feel at ease, like you can relax and do as you please.
  • Inspired - Having the things around you that make you feel uplifted and bring positive energy into your life. Setting this energy and having these things around your space will help you to be in alignment each and every day.
  • Open - You space must be a place where you can be and feel open. You are comfortable enough to do and say as you please without feeling threatened of another way.
  • Your own - You need to be able to feel like you can be you! You home is your sanctuary and if you cant relax and unwind on your terms you wont feel comfortable here.
  • Tidy - What lives in your environment will effect your energy. If your space is full of clutter, your mind will be too and you wont be able to think strait. Get rid of unnecessary items.

In addition you want to check in with the space you are creating in your mind, your 'head space.' Your mental space is just as, if not more important than your physical space. What you see in your physical space will be reflected in your mental space (and visa-versa). This may mean a lot of time spent 'cleaning up' your thinking.

Why is this so important post travel and how can you make it work for you?

If you have been away for long time, coming home may be a challenge. Its likely you will be dealing with some epic emotions and some reverse culture shock. Creating a space that makes you feel comfortable will help you settle back in to your new life back home. Without applying these concepts, your environment will just add to the stress of your reverse culture shock transition. In turn it will make it harder for you to move through this time.

Making this work for you is not always easy. Maybe your back living with your parents or in a place thats not your own. Do your best to set the space up for you, it may mean simple touches as removing old pictures from the walls and replacing them with your own, putting up your own photos or burning a candle in your space. This could also mean having conversations with the people that you live with about when you dont like to be disturbed.

This certainly was the case for me as I first moved back with my parents. I had a small bedroom that already was being used for storage. Slowly but surely I added my touches so I could feel comfortable in my space. I then worked my way to a new place before taking some time in a unit by myself. Living alone was so valuable as I was truly able to live in my authentic space and learn what that looked like for me.

Final note.

Setting up your own space is not always going to be a breeze after returning home from travels. You will be faced with many blocks, challenges and small things that are out of your control. Do your best to ease into this, start small by adding in your touches. Set intentions about how you want your space to feel and work towards that. If your feeling frustrated you can always get out to clear those emotions, take a walk in nature, visit a friend or go to your favourite cafe. Take small steps to set up a space you love. You will be so grateful you did.


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