Are you doing too much?

There is so much you can do with this wild and crazy life. Never in your wildest dreams will you be able to do it all, see it all or have it all. The world is a playground and there is just so much on offer. If your anything like me you will want to get the most out of your life. How do you do that?

I like to keep myself occupied but also understand there is a time for just being and slowing down. I've always filled my life with so many things. Work, sport, travel, creative, family, friends, adventures, life. The list can go on forever.

I find myself taken aback when someone asks me what I do... right now I could answer in a million ways. I'm a life coach, I write a blog, I'm a speaker and also an adventure seeker, I'm a massage therapist, surf instructor, lead expeditions, and I'm a traveller.

And that's just right at this moment. If you'd asked me 5 years ago the answer would probably be just as long, with a few different 'things', thrown in. I actually want to fill up all the hours of my day and sometimes find if I have too much extra time that I'll use it to do something new. So this list is always moving and changing depending on where I am and what I'm doing

Someone once said to me "you can have all you want, just not all at once." This is such a wise way to approach your life. But it is so easy to fall into the 'doing too much.'

How will you know if you have taken on too much?

  • You're not able to give your all in everything you're doing.
  • There is not enough time to fit everything in.
  • There seems to be no time for important things such as sleep, preparing meals and stretching!
  • You start to get sick consistently.
  • There is no time to schedule a weekend away or a holiday.
  • Put simply you burn out.

If your nodding 'yes' to any of the points above, I'd say you're doing too much. So if you're like me and are passionate about many things in this lifetime what do you do about it?

How to create harmony in your life

  • Set aside some time to take a step back and look at your life from an outsiders perspective.
  • List out all the important areas of your life and look at where you're spending most of your time and where you could be spending more.
  • Look at everything your doing individually and break it down ask these questions for each area.
  1. Why do you do this?
  2. How much time, money and energy are you spending and is that important?
  3. Are you in an environment that is best serving you?
  • Finally, get very honest with yourself and ask 'Do I really love this?'

By taking time out, being honest with yourself and having a reality check with all the things you are doing with your life, the answers you are wanting for yourself should come forward. Look for the signs and signals your environment is trying to tell you. Take a step back and re-evaluate.

There is time for everything that is important to us in this lifetime. Spend it wisely.

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