4 bad habits to ditch after long term travel.

As much as I believe that travel is extremely valuable and leaves you with some incredible learnings and growth and some wonderful habits, it can also develop some bad habits. Habits that would be a good idea to break.

If you are, or have been travelling for a long period of time and return home, you might find you have unconsciously adopted some of these bad habits.

1. Pushing through.

There is nothing like a bit of resilience and this is something which is easy to learn when travelling. Especially when you get sick. You don’t really have any other options but to push through. After all, you may never have the opportunity, in your life, come back to this place, or see this site so of course you do it anyway.

I wholeheartedly believe in resilience but I also believe in resting when we are down. Listening to your body is key and a few days chilling out could mean your back to full energy in no time, but if you don't listen that cold or those symptoms could linger for weeks to come.

What you can do - listen to your body, take the time when you need it and learn to say ‘no’ when you start to become low on energy.

2. Looking after yourself - exercise and nutrition.

To add to my point above, when we travel our focus shifts from regular day-to-day routine to ‘travel mode.’ Often this does not include a regular healthy exercise and nutrition regime. Granted you may be adventuring, hiking and walking a lot more but how does this compare to your regular fitness routine?

And nutrition is almost impossible to stay on top off. New countries means new cuisines and different foods that we just have to try, and I’m not suggesting you don't, food is part of the culture and part of the experience so feast away but understand it’s going to take some build that healthy base back up when you get home.

What can you do - find small hacks to help you maintain your nutrition whilst travelling. I always start my day with a high protein dairy free shake. They are small and compact and easy to take on the road.

3. Talking about your travels endlessly when you return.

When you return home there will be people who want to hear about the places you have visited and the sites you have seen. You will also find there will be people who don’t really relate. Be mindful of people's lives and how they relate to yours. Talking endlessly to someone about your travels who seems uninterested will simply become annoying. I’m not saying don’t share your stories, just be aware and meet others where they are at.

What you can do - find a community of travel lovers, they will want to hear all about what you have done, where you have been and what you have seen. Share your travel stories here, with them.

4. You have no routine.

For those travelling with a lengthy time frame or who have moved to a touristy village on a working holiday may find that they have developed a ;go with the flow' mentality. Time becomes of less concern because it is abundant. If you miss the bus you can get the next one, if the weather is bad today, visit the national park tomorrow, stay another few nights in this town if you like it. You get my drift. Life has slowed down and you don’t need to get to work, school or the next meeting in such a hurry.

This is great that you can experience life this way but it may not be as easily applied to your life back home. The ‘busy’ life still goes on and you may need to integrate back into it in one way or another.

What you can do - Review your day the night before to see your timeframes. Allow extra time for travel. Suggest meeting times in a timeframe eg I’ll meet you between 1pm and 1.15pm, plan for tasks to take longer than expected that way you will find yourself staying on top of your schedule.

Final notes.

Returning home is always going to come with many changes. You will need to start doing things differently to accommodate to the lifestyle around you. Start small and break it down. Figure out the bad habits you have picked up along the way and go to work to reverse them, one small step at a time. Create awareness around the issues and set goals for yourself to work towards. This won’t happen overnight, but just keep going eventually you will be able to undo the habits that no longer serve you.


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