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I didn't quite know what I wanted to do after leaving High School, but what I did know is that it seemed like a good idea to keep studying...so I did. I dived into a certificate in tourism and continued on with a double degree in sport and tourism.

By then I thought I had better get a 'real' job and started with an entry level position in a sporting venue and started working my way up. I returned for more study, this time a masters of business as I wanted to further my career in sporting event management. I worked in some amazing event management roles in Melbourne until I found myself veering off track. This industry had 'seemed' pretty glamorous, but was it really what I wanted to do? The intuition never lies and emitted a strong calling for me to get off this path.

so, You quit your job, bought a ticket, got a tan, fell in love...and never returned!

Actually you did return, not exactly how the quote goes hey? Your back home in a place where you can no longer relate. Your wondering what on earth your going to do next with your life. Full of inspiration from your time living or travelling overseas but what to do? Your mind draws a blank.

There is no way in hell you want to return to your old job, thinking of that makes you cringe. Scrolling through seek.com makes your eyes roll back in your head with boredom and everyone around you is asking "so what are you going to do now?" thinking you have this big bold idea but again your mind draws a blank.

This was me all over...after throwing everything in, I left for a six month journey which turned into a three and a half year adventure. Upon returning home I had no money, no plan and no desire to return to the industry I had once strived to perform in.

I wanted more adventures for myself and I wanted work that gave me freedom in my life and meaning and purpose in my day to day work. It seemed like I had all this life, work and travel experience that I could share, but where on earth to do you find a job like that?

Maybe your not driven by money, but you know as well as I do that you need it to get the adventures in your life moving again. You want to do something meaningful which you will enjoy, you want to have flexibility so you can travel, you just cant explain to others (or yourself) exactly what it is that you want to do next and to be brutally honest, its stressing you out.

So what is your next career move?

In my situation I couldn't bare to see myself going back to the city or industry I had so desperately wanted to succeed in, so I had to start from where I was. In the small coastal town, I didn't even own a car anymore so I had to be able to walk to work. My options were surf instructing and waitressing so I started both. My ego that had studied a masters degree and once worked in a well paying job couldn't really wrap its head around this but like I said I had to start from where I was.

  • Start from where you are with what you have.
  • If your not going back to a past career, start with any type of work, just get started!
  • Now you have an income you can start to figure out your next steps, think about what it is that you really enjoy doing, do some research, talk to others who love their careers. The next steps will most likely fall into these three categories...
  1. Searching for a new job thats more suitable and in line with what you want to do.
  2. Returning to study.
  3. Starting your own business.

Having an income coming in will take the stress off your finances and give you time to think about what it is that you really want to do.

Build up my career, return to study or start my own business?

These are the options. How will you know what to do? There are many ways that you can start piecing together the puzzle. Some questions you can ask yourself are.

  • What do I like doing?
  • What am I good at?
  • Do I like working with other people?
  • Do I work best with others or alone.
  • If time and money were no issue what would I be doing?

These questions will spark inspiration and insight into what it is you really want to do. Now you might be starting to come up with some ideas and different career or business options for your self. The next step is about doing some research into these different ideas that you have come up with.

  • Research these careers/business ideas to get a feel for what they would include and if you would like them.
  • Talk to people who are role models for you, or people who clearly love what they are doing. Ask them how they got there and why they love what they do.
  • Mind map your idea, write everything down with a pros and cons list and see what draws you in the most.

Ultimately you know exactly what it is that you want to do, that answer is within you, sometimes it may just be clouded with a lot of other thoughts, opinions and feelings. Keep asking yourself questions so you can gain clarity and get clear on exactly the answers your looking for.

There is no structured WAY

There is an abundance of options and choices of things you can do to step into your next career. Whats important to know is that everyones path will be different. They way you get to your ultimate career will be different to anyone else.

Don't compare yourself to others as you are on this journey. This can be easy to do as you see other people gain clarity and have 'faster' success than you may be having. Chances are you could be comparing the beginning of your journey to the middle of theirs.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
— Jon Acuff

Everyone finds the way into their career differently, they come from different backgrounds, bring different experience and have meet different people along the way. This always will bring value to what you have to offer. It brings your uniqueness to your work.

Final note

Ultimately you want to be happy in your career. This may mean having your own business and doing it your way, it could be a high profile corporate job, it could also be working in the local cafe. What ever it is, make sure its something that you are happy with. It does not matter if your circumstances change and things dont work out the way you had hoped, you can always change your path and find the next career move that will suit you.

Nowadays you dont have to find just one career and stick with it, but you can if thats what you want to do. You can also choose to do a number of different things at one time. Just look at me...Im a Life Coach, Speaker, Blogger, Expedition Leader, Massage therapist and Surfing Instructor. Uncover what makes you happy. You owe it to yourself

Here I am leading an expedition in Vietnam!

Here I am leading an expedition in Vietnam!


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