A change in mindset and stepping into digital nomad life with Messua Nanci

Conversations with Wanderlusters...Interview series.

Join me as I wander into the lives and minds of Wanderlusters. They share with me their travel stories, navigating their return home and stepping into an inspired adventures life.


Messua Nanci was born in the hot and sunny South of Italy. A 23-year-old gal with a passion for creative work and creative living. In her free time, you can catch her in the gym, shopping, going out with friends, going to the beach, or watching a TV series with her sister. She adores travelling, so going anywhere feels like a vacation.

Messua lived in England for 6 months, in Spain for 3 months, and the USA for 1 year. On her cultural exchange to the USA, she travelled as much as she could around the country. 

What was the stand out moments of your travels?

The lowlights of my time away were that I had to leave my boyfriend and family and sometimes I felt alone. The highlights were that I opened my mind living with a family with different cultures and got to know a lot of friends from different countries. The best part, of course, every month I was travelling to new places. 


What challenges did you face when returning home?

Cultural shock! It was much harder to get used to living back in my home country than living in a new place. I live in a tiny village in south Italy and I find really hard to find people who understand what I am going through. Sometimes even my family doesn't understand. I remember the day I landed in my home country airport, I was sad and totally not ready to go back to my old life. I know I was back with my family and boyfriend but I already knew that I wasn't gonna be happy there even less now that I had been living the life of my dream close to one of my favourite place in the world New York.

What emotions and feelings did you experience upon returning home?

Sadness, depression, hopeless.

What strategies did you use to move through this phase after returning home? 

I decided to be grateful for what I have now and for all the experience that I had Iived. I started creating my own business which helped me to keep busy and start to live the digital nomad lifestyle.


How did your travels inspire your next steps? 

Travelling makes me happy and free and this inspired me to chase a lifestyle that allows you to travel full time while working.

Your biggest lesson learned from travels and returning home? 

Once you get used to living in a different place you will never be completely at home.

What mindset shifts changed for you after travel and returning home? 

I realized I can actually do whatever I want, I prefer to hang out with others who have travelled. I am more independent and confident.


What advice would you give others to prepare for re-entry/reverse culture shock? 

Be grateful for what you have, find people that you enjoy staying with. Find your dream life and do everything you can to achieve it while enjoying your day to day life.


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