Navigating your money stress post travel.

Just landed home from a trip of a life time...and your broke? Relieve yourself from your financial pressure and money stress.

So you have returned home from a year of travels, or perhaps you've been on a month long holiday, or maybe a short indulgent road trip and now you've got NO money. You spent months maybe even years saving up for your adventure, you had a great time, but now your home, your broke and its stressing you out.

I found that 69% of people returning home from 3+ months of travel said that money was one of their biggest stresses. Travel is inspiring, enlightening and exciting and leaves you with a feel good, high vibration energy, carrying that back into your everyday life is important. Dealing with reverse culture shock is hard enough, crashing back to reality with the stress of doesn't have to be that way. 

Money can be such a touchy subject to so many people. Depending on your relationship to money you will have a lot, just enough or not enough. Truth is many people create a negative association with money and it becomes a constant struggle and a limiting belief in their life. Creating a positive money story is key to ensuring it does not become a 'stress' in your life.

Breaking it down

To start with, lets look at stress. Stress can be described as 'a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.' Its the pressure that you put on yourself in a particular situation.

Circumstances themselves are neutral, 'facts in the world.' The way we perceive, interpret and think about them causes how we feel about them and in this case, that feeling is stress. Our feelings will drive our actions and our actions will create the results in out lives. So ultimately we need to change our thoughts about the money stress, the circumstance that you have found yourself in. Easier said than done, I know...Ive been there too.

How to navigate your money stress post travel.

My first tip is to pre-plan for your financial situation before you travel. - Before you have even hit the road, put some money aside specifically for this time. This may only need to cover outstanding bills and some extra purchases you have made of you trip OR it may need to support your living arrangements for a few months. Determine what circumstance you will be in and create a plan for that.

But lets be real, most of the time we haven't thought that far ahead to create a plan, maybe your travel plans changed and you ate up all your savings. I know I didn't. My plans were to travel for 6 months. That turned into three years and I landed back in Australia with a dwindling bank account, no car and a wardrobe full of clothes I didn't wear anymore.

Steps to regaining control of your money post travel.

  1. Start earning an income - If you have been away for an extended period of time, chances are you don't have a job. You need to get This can be anything to start with you just need to start earning money so you can combat your stress. Ideally make sure your work as fun and enjoyable or at least surrounded by people that have this spirit, it will make things so much easier. From there you can start looking at your options, you have the money coming in, now you can start searching for your ideal job or maybe creating a plan to return to study or starting your own business.
  2. Segment your money - The best piece of advise I ever learned is to segment your money as you earn it. Before you even spend it determine what areas of you will put money into and how much. Living of 40-50% of your income is ideal but not always realistic in the beginning. Make sure you have enough in each of the areas you choose. Split your money this way and you will always know you'll be saving, repaying debt and having some extra to enjoy life. I recommend including at least the following areas with % breakdown examples
    • living expenses (50%)
    • debt repayment (25%)
    • savings (10%)
    • fun times (15%)
    • Other areas may include....long term savings, investment, personal growth, next trip, house deposit
  3. Have a weekly money date - Every week set an hour our of your schedule to go on a date with your money. Look over it with a fine tooth comb. See where your spending your money and where your saving and how you can segment it better to achieve the goals your after. Over time you will really enjoy this process as it helps you gain control over your finances.
  4. Be smart in the beginning - There will be sacrifices you will have to make in the beginning to get back on your feet with your finances. Is that big night out really worth it or would that money be better put towards saving for your car? Maybe its the difference between renting your own place and sharing with someone else. Think about where you can save and know that its only temporary.
  5. Find a way to earn more income - Earning extra income can really help to bust through your money stress as long as it does not become the source of stress itself. This is not something that has to be permanent or maybe it will be. Here are some options.
    • Find another part time or weekend job.
    • Make money on the side in an area that you have previously trained in OR start up your creative business (fitness coaching, massage, virtual assistant, network marketing).
    • Spring clean your house and find old items you can sell.
  6. Pay off debts - No doubt the biggest contributor to your stress is your money debt. The best way to bust through this is to face it head on. Compile all your debts, everything you owe and write a list of them with how much you owe. Target the smallest debt first, this will make you feel good when you have paid it off. If your paying off credit card debt contact your bank to negotiate a lower interest rate.

Too often people avoid facing our financial situation head on. They are scared to see whats really happening and where their money is really going. This is the worst thing you can do. By facing it head on you can start to see whats REALLY happening and why money has caused you stress in the past. You will start to develop a better relationship with your finances and regain control over your situation.

Creating a positive relationship with your money is imperative to changing the way you think about your financial situation. Segmenting your money will allow you to live happily, see progress paying back debt, give you extra cash to have fun and make you happy that you can still put money away into a savings account. This will help you create a more mindful and 'fun' approach to your money. Soon enough you will be back on the plane on your next travel adventure.


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