Why you should never stop travelling.

"Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes your richer."

The world has so much to offer.

If you are anything like me, who has been bitten by the travel bug, you know that your love for travel will never go away. There is always a new place to visit, new people to meet and new adventures to have. As humans we only have a limited life and if you want to grow and evolve and experience a truly rich life, you will know that you can gain so much from travelling.

Travel continually teaches us to grow and evolve. (I say continually because sometimes we don't learn the lessons the first time round, or we don't fully pick them up and adopt them, or we lose them.) Common lessons and learnings that people say they have gained from travel are to have an open perspective on life, how to be flexible, adaptable and capable of doing things you thought you couldn't do, how to be resourceful and look within rather than outside yourself to get something done and that travel teaches us that life is to be enjoyed and to choose an adventure.

The amount of lessons we learn from travel is endless, another topic for another day. However as time goes on some people stop travelling for many reasons including, I'm too old, I can't afford it, Im not fit enough, I dont have the time, the list of reasons goes on. Really these are excuses as travelling is no longer a priority in their life.

Why should travel be a priority in your life?

1. There is always a new place to go, new people to meet and new cultures to experience.

The world is a massive place an no one is going to be able to experience everything it has to offer. So there is always going to be another place to go to, a new experience. Even if you return to a place you have been before there are new people to meet and new adventures to go on. Learning about new cultures can give us a greater understanding of why certain people do what they do, it helps to bring people closer together and an opportunity for connection and appreciating of other people. Doing new things keeps our lives exciting and interesting.

2. Helps you to continually dive into curiosity and playfulness.

Leading on from the last topic, experiencing newness shows us how to continually be curious about what is out there, questioning what we do and why so we continually evolve and keep having a rich and meaningful life. Like children it shows us how to play, something that adults don't really do enough of. Curiosity and playfulness feeds our spirit and our soul and gives us meaning and reason to wake up everyday.

3. Fun, rich and creates lasting memories.

The mere act of travelling is fun, again it's the newness and the excitement that comes from not knowing. Seeing a wide range of cultures and understanding them and even learning and adopting from them gives us a richness, a depth of knowledge and a chance to expand as a human. Travelling creates lasting memories that live on forever in our minds, sometimes joyful, sometimes challenging but always offering us a chance to be better than we were yesterday. As the quote says, it can turn us into storytellers of our own life's and share how we have been shaken and become who we are today.

4. Disrupt the routine

As much as I'm an advocate for having a set routine to help you flow through you life, I also think it's important to disrupt it from time to time. Travelling, gives you the opportunity to disrupt your everyday. This helps you to see and experience things differently and allows for creativity. A chance to step outside the mundane, boring or day to day to shake life up a little. An opportunity to change your ways so you can experience more in your life.

5. The growth, the learnings, The lessons, the expansion.

Most all of these points includes an opportunity to learn, to grow and evolve. Travel is such a rich container for growth as it can put us out of our comfort zone, teach us how to be resilient and achieve things we never thought we could. It helps us to shape our beliefs and perspective and in some cases gain wisdom and knowledge from other people and experiences. Teaching us to be open and trusting of yourself. There are so many reasons as to why I believe you should never stop travelling but if I had to chose one I would say for the learnings and lessons we gain. It's easy to become stuck in your ways and not be open to learning new things, but I don't believe this serves us well as a human race. Growth, expansion and an opportunity to evolve is what life is all about. Travel serves this up to us on a delicious platter of connection, culture, experience, emotions and so much more.

Final Notes.

By making travel a priority, I'm not suggesting that you have to pack up your life and live as a digital nomad, or jet off to a new overseas destination every two months. More simply find a way to incorporate it into your life at least every year. Experiencing new countries is a fabulous way but travel can also be within your own country to a place close to home. A camping weekend, a road trip or even a day trip. Travel encapsulates so much, if you have the privilege to access other places of the world, your country or your region, I highly suggest you take the opportunity.

Without growth, expansion and an opportunity to evolve our lives will continue on being the same. Find the depth and richness by travelling to experience newness, to be curious and playful to have fun and shake up your routine, but most of all to learn. Be a student of the world, never stop travelling.


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