9 habits from your travels that you should keep.

Hitting the road to see a new country or just holidaying to your favourites beachside destination? When we travel we start to lean in and embrace powerful new habits. Sometimes they come naturally and go along with the mood of our journey, other times there is no choice but to be a little more courageous.

Yet sometimes when we return home and leave our travels behind we also leave some incredible habits that will serve us greatly in our day to day lives. As we switch from travel mode to everyday life mode think about how you can carry forward and embody these amazing habits into your everyday life.

1. Spontaneously trying new things.

Of course travel brings out spontaneity and the silliness to try new things! We wouldn’t go if we were not interested in seeing something new. Most often travel time gives you flexibility to be spontaneous and make decisions on the fly. It leads us to adventure.

Bring this into your everyday life by allowing yourself to act on impulse and intuition. Take a different route to work, adventure in your local area on the weekend.

Try this...the next time you have a recommendation from a stranger, follow through with their suggestion. See where it leads you.

2. Being curious to learn new things.

Curiosity will lead us to many wonderful things. Traveling helps us to think with a curious mind and to explore and see things that we have never seen before. Try applying this back home. Ask more questions of people and learn about what is on offer around you.

Try this...Think about something that truely sparks your interest. Start to research that, find a book, read some blogs, ask some people about it, visit youTube to find out more about your subject of interest.

3. Getting out of your comfort zone.

There is no choice but to uncover this when we travel. Often being faced with no other option but to learn to speak the language so you can order a meal, arrive in a destination and have to figure out how to find your accomodation, make new friends, trust the advice of the locals. But when we return home to familiar surrounds, we fall back into our familiar patterns and out familiar habits.

Try this...a new restaurant, go vegetarian, look at how you can mix up your everyday routines, share a deep through with a close friend or loved one.

4. Being adventurous.

Travelling can make us feel invincible - in a good way, like we can be anyone and do anything. To travel is one grand adventure. We will go places off the beaten track, go zip lining through the canopies or climb to the top of one of the world’s highest buildings. Adventures also exist in our own backyard. Seek them out when you come home.

Try this...What in nature is calling you? A beach? A waterfall? A lake? A mountain top? A simple undiscovered trail not far from your door. Which ever it is make a plan to visit. Research how to get there and go! Whether alone or with friends, go on an adventure.

5. Keeping it minimal.

Traveling brings us freedom because it can keep things simple. We are unable to carry too much baggage. This makes life easier, less choices of things to wear and we have less possessions to look after. At home this is not a concern so we can keep buying the clothes or the possessions.

Try this...look in your pantry at the foods you have. What can you make with these items, something that doesn't require you to buy more food or maybe just one or 2 ingredients.

6. Awareness of your surrounds.

When in new places we are often on high alert, having a heightened awareness of all of our surrounds. Whether we are looking out for a place to eat, experiencing a new culture or just being cautious of who is nearby. We find ourselves much more in the present moment rather than being swept away by the endless thoughts in our minds. Try to see you home with a beginners mind, as if you have never seen it before. Look out for new things that have popped up.

Try this...clear your head of your thoughts and visit a place that is very familiar to you. A local beach or park, a local shopping area. Forget what is on your mind and take time to look around, see what is new or what has changed, talk to people that you see.

7. Getting a good deal.

Different countries and cultures give rise to opportunities to barter and get good deals, whether shopping or securing a local tour. This is a fun concept to learn and try during our travels. Look at where you can do this at home. Find a sale, take advantage of a discount code, or a regular coffee stamp card.

Try this...If there is something specific you want to buy, have a look online to see where you can purchase it. Perhaps ebay has a good deal or you might find it on the ‘catch of the day’ app or maybe the company offers discounts when signing up to their email list.

8. Making new friends.

If you are traveling solo, you have no choice but to make new friends. You meet some of the most amazing like minded people when you travel. Everyone is so open and friendly and very interested in other peoples stories. When we return home we sometimes lose this skill, or don't utilise it as much. We revert to old friends and stop putting ourselves out there to meet new people. Making a conscious effort to build new friendships is such a beautiful thing to continue when we return home. There are some equally amazing people right under our noses if we can just start building the relationships as we did when we traveled.

Try this...the next time you visit your local shops to purchase something, strike up a conversation with the person who is serving you. Be curious and go beyond the regular sometimes ‘throw away’ comments of ‘hi how are you today.’ Ask them what they are doing later in the day or what they do outside of their work. You never know what interests you might have in common.

9. Going with the flow.

Travelling teaches us how to ease into flow. We learn how to cope with and troubleshoot stressful situations that arise out of nowhere. Finding a new mode of transport when getting to your destination or a new bed when your room was double booked or even a new plan when you missed your flight. These things become less of a drama and more of a challenge. Can you adopt this flow like mentality into your day to day. Where are you placing too much worry on something that you will forget about tomorrow.

Try this...when a seemingly stressful situation arises become aware of your instinctual thought process. This could be diving into negativity or ‘what if’s.’ What is your natural reaction? Observe this in yourself and take a deep breath and choose a new reaction that will bring more peace and ease into your life.

A final note.

Travel offers us so much in the way of new and amazing experiences, new things to see and do and a new outlook on life. Travel gives us the opportunity to grow, to shift a perception and adopt a new way.

Rather than reverting back to old habits and patterns from our lives back home, look at how you can bring these ‘new ways’, into you life back home. At first this might not be easy, but in the end it will be worth it.

Enjoy the journey


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