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Another winter flickers past. We’re about to turn the calendar to September. Did you set new years resolutions? ...Eight months ago? Or perhaps your rolling your eyes at the fact I even mentioned them. Statistics show that most people give up their resolutions 2-3 weeks into the New Year and only 8-10% of people actually follow through with them. That seems quite a high number if you ask me.

I understand making change is hard! Even with the amazing celebratory, positive, new, fresh energy that comes with a new season. Unfortunately this energy alone is not enough to make the change, its great but its not enough. We must be kidding ourselves if we think that a new year, season, month even week is going to make a difference…?

If were serious about making change to achieve our goals, desires and resolutions, we must change our mindset and raise our awareness one habit at a time. Mindset and awareness, some words that are being used more and more these days, but what do they really mean? Let me break them down for you.

What is a mindset? It is our ‘way of thinking’ and our opinions. This way of thinking predetermines our responses to and interpretations of situations. How we perceive things. An example…lets look at mornings. Person A may love mornings, they love the fresh new energy, jumping out of bed and getting started for the day. Person B may hate them, they always feel sluggish and it takes them forever to wake up, they just want to stay in bed. These are two different ways of thinking (or mindsets) about mornings.

A lot of our mindset works in the unconscious state, it’s not something we have consciously thought about. Essentially it’s a habit we have created, which may be good or bad. Many factors can affect our mindset, but ultimately we have programmed ourselves to think the way we do. The good news is we have complete control over it all if we have conscious awareness.

So what is awareness? Having knowledge, perception or realisation that something exists. There is an understanding of a situation at the present moment based on experience and information. Lets look at mornings again as an example. Perhaps from previous experience we have an understanding that mornings can be the best part of the day, we feel good after a restful night sleep and love the fresh energy of a new day.


When we put these factors together with change and a consistently we can transform our thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and ultimately reach our goals. Keep checking in with the way you are thinking, is it how you want your mindset to be? Start flexing the muscle to change your ways. Take a good look at what might be stopping you or how you think about a situation. Keep bringing your awareness to it, even if you don’t like what you see. Together these steps will lead you closer to reaching what you ultimately want. The goal, the change or the resolution.

It’s easy to get lost in comparison as we are infiltrated with so much inspiration on social media nowadays. We can be lead to believe what we see is reality. Maybe it appears that someone was an overnight success, or we think how do they get it so easy? Let me tell you, they did not. My bet is they took time to develop their mindset and raise their awareness about what they really wanted. They worked their butt off to get there (and probably still are working their butts off).

Decide now to REALLY make a change and launch into spring with new intentions, fresh energy and motivation. Pick one thing to focus on and work on changing your mindset to what you want it too look like. Raise your awareness around how you can move forward, or what’s holding you back. Know that it’s an ongoing process. It will be hard, you will muck up and you will completely forget. Don’t let this hold you back, have patience and commitment and don't give up.

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