Reflecting on the Inspired Womens Showcase

Whenever you have an important date set in your calendar it seems that the world will throw everything it's got at you, just to really see how bad you want it. I knew life was a bit of a rollercoaster but these last few weeks, a crazy patch, made me wonder if I was going to fly off the rails.


On Sunday the women from the Beautiful Business Mastermind spoke at the Inspired women showcase. A beautiful event run by Jade McKenzie of Event Head. She is the creative behind the Beautiful Business Mastermind that I have been participating in over the past 5 months. A collective of 10 incredibly inspiring women, soulfully working together encouraging, supporting and lifting one another up to be their best and shine through their business.

With one month of the Mastermind to go, the Showcase marked the last time we would all be together in person. Kind of like a finale where we would all prepare a talk that we could share with the audience. No one was short of a story and in fact, I think most of these beautiful women could have shared several.

The date had been set long ago. But as it loomed closer the energy built, compiling, preparing and practising our talks to get them exactly how we wanted them. I found it difficult to figure out exactly HOW to share my message and just when I thought I had it all right it completely flipped to a different story, with the same message woven through.

As life would have it the weeks leading up were met with several distractions. Pulling me away from the preparation and making it seriously hard for me to get myself to prepare and rehearse my talk.

But you have to take one step at a time and feel what's right for you in each and every moment. I knew the talk would be in my mind and had to trust that the right words would come out when I got to the stage.

I spoke about 'tuning into your adventurous life.' In writing, rehearsing and even the moment when I was speaking my story I realised that this message was not only for the audience to hear but for me as well.

In summary, I spoke about the reality of adventure, and that it's not always as glamorous as the adventure itself. It's so easy to get sucked into the 5-10% of other people's lives, the snapshot, the Insta famous and the final product without even knowing the full story. So I shared a story or reality and my attempt to sea kayak across Bass Strait.

My key take always...

  • We must continually tune into OUR OWN REALITY, our own real life. Adventures are an unusual, daring and exciting adventure that may involve risk, but they are different for everyone depending on their stage of life, their circumstances and what's possible for them.
  • I encouraged to trust the subtle pull and the intuition that quietly sends you the messages and guidance about what you should do next. The one that keeps showing up and tapping you on the shoulder. Rumi sums it up like this "let yourself be silently drawn to the subtle pull of what you really love, it will never lead you astray."
  • And lastly, I wanted to highlight the importance of being brave enough and curious enough to take that next step. There are so many dreams ideas in this world, but without action they are take that step forward.

As I stood on the stage I found myself at ease, strangely enough. So connected to the audience, they loved my story and laughed when I didn't expect it, nodded when I didn't think they would and really took away the message I was hoping to get across.

Getting together with like-minded individuals is one of the most, if not the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. This really takes you out of your head and into your heart and shows you what is possible for you when you simply show up as who you are. Your truest version of yourself. Like minded people supporting one another in this space will do so much for your spirit, your soul and your heart.

I've used this reflection a few times now on my blog and I finished with it in my talk on Sunday. Every time I read this quote from my friend/mentor it means so much more to me. I think I'll have to print it out, frame it and hang it on my wall as it resonates to my core.

"Never forget the person you are on this journey, it's such an exciting pathway, sometimes with no directions and no guarantees. Times may be challenging and places unknown. The distance may seem far with times of solitude. Wherever this journey takes you, know that it's yours to take and live. You're amazing, so take the step forward and see what unfolds, with no fear and no regrets."


Adventures, Wanderlusters, Travellers.....You've had the most amazing adventure, travelling, working and living across this beautiful planet. Now your back to where you left off, the 'real world.' You have grown, you've seen, you've experienced. But back home, nothing has changed. You just cant relate to those around you. Ive created the WILD TRIBE for you and all of us. A place to come together to exchange experiences, share stories and create the next chapter of your life...just sign up below. Cant wait to see you there.

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