How to set your day up for happiness and success

You know when you've had ' one of those days' from the moment you rolled out of bed a string of events, one by one, compounding on each other and by lunchtime, you just want the day to end. On the flip side, the opposite is true. Flowing magically where your meeting timelines, working in flow and opportunities seem to be falling into your lap.

One thing successful people do well is starting each day in the same inspiring way. The first few hours of the day are imperative to how the rest of your day will flow. Nailing this will leave you happy inspired and set up for an incredible day.

In this morning time, the first few hours are key. This is when your mind is sharp and alert. It's had its rest and is ready to take on the day. The energy of morning is new, fresh and vibrant. If you have ever been up very early in the morning you will notice the calming still energy all around you.

Getting into nature is especially powerful. You will harness the calmness, quietness and serenity of dawn. Trees and plants are still and animals are waking up. Sunrise brings first light and the powerful energy of the sun.

Connecting to yourself in this time will set up your day. Focusing on how you want to be and show up allowed you give the time you need for yourself to energise you before you can offer it to those you love and that cross your path during the day. So how can you ensure you get the most out of your day?

Set your day up the right way.

Plan your day the night before

  • Write down exactly what you have on and the tasks you want to achieve.
  • Allow enough time in between for meals, travelling and downtime.

Prepare for the day ahead

  • Depending on how much time you have in the morning prepare things you may need for the next day, food, clothes, pack your bag.

Get enough rest and sleep

  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour
  • Know how much sleep you need and ensure you get to bed on time.
  • Ensure you're getting quality sleep between the hours of 10pm and 2am.
  • Our bodies a cyclical like the planet, tune them in.

Consciously choose your first thought for the day.

  • This might be a positive thought about your day ahead, an affirmation or an intention for your day.

Create an inspirational morning routine:

  • The first hours of the day are when we are most switched on.
  • Set aside some time to get done things that are important to you.
  • These things may include *meditation, *exercise, visualisation and affirmations, stretching, writing and journaling, enjoying a healthy meal, reading.
  • Choose the things that appeal to you or just start with one thing and mindfully incorporate this into your morning.

Give yourself time

  • Allow enough time for the essentials shower, getting dressed, eating breakfast, getting ready.

Fuel up

  • Get hydrated and good nutrition early.

Things that might be contributing to the 'bad days'

  • Eating or drinking too much immediately before going to bed. Going to bed on a full stomach means I digestive system has to keep working while we try to get to sleep. Being full of fluids may mean many bathroom interruptions during the night.
  • Alcohols affects the brain and can be damaging before sleeping
  • Too much screen time before going to bed. The blue light given off from screens can inhibit the production of meletonan which is the hormone that helps us sleep
  • This starts to reduce in our bodies after the age of 30 as it is so ensuring at least an hours buffer will help in getting much needed rest
  • Finishing the day with an argument, disagreement or upset of some form.
  • Finishing the day in a negative way can leave you feeling upset, frazzled or simply unhappy.
  • Clearing up any issues so you feel cam and content will serve you much better
  • Calm your mind before you sleep
  • Taking time to wind down is a great practice in preparing your body and mind for rest.
  • Screen time, puzzles, games and even reading may activate the brain and make it harder to relax
  • Not having enough time in the morning
  • Snoozing your alarm
  • Screen time first thing.
  • Jumping on social media and emails as soon as you wake up.

This pros and cons list can seem common sense. However the reality of implementing these tips can be extremely challenging. Family, work commitments and past habits can be hard to get away from. Implementing new habits will take time. Start by choosing something or a few things that you can easily apply then as you master those incorporate some more.

The idea is not to be perfect with a consistent routine 100% of the time. Rather setting up a foundation that you can always come back too when you feel 'those days' creeping back in.

Enjoy the the process, lean into the differences