6 ways to get over the post travel blues.

After the trip of a lifetime, living and working through Europe and the UK, or perhaps South America and Canada, or perhaps you spent a few years living in the middle east. You arrive back home and as if in a blink of an eye, it feels like your entire life has changed....in truth, it has.

The 'excitement' phase of seeing family and friends moves through pretty fast and all of a sudden you thinking to yourself ‘what next?’ Not to mention that everyone around you is also asking ‘What are you going to do now?’

I asked travellers who had spent three months or more living, working or travelling abroad what they did to help them move through this transition of Reverse Culture Shock. I found a common theme. Of course with everything, there are pros and cons. The 6 most common things, that I have found, people use to move through reverse culture shock and the post travel blues are.

Planning the next big trip.

  • Science shows that the mere act of planning a holiday or your next big trip evokes the same emotions as the travel itself. Thinking about where you will go, what you will see and what you will do is the same as actually doing it.
  • An element of wonder and excitement is created, something to look forward too, to work towards, something to focus on.
  • Ultimately this is an opportunity to get back out and continue doing what you love doing, seeing the world.

The downside.

Unless you're able or want to continually travel for the rest of your life, at some point you will need to find a place to settle for a period of time whether for work, family life, relationships or financial reasons. Approaching reverse culture shock this way is more of an avoidance technique. In most cases this cycle will ultimately have to end it may be harder to combat the effects if you have been ignoring the underlying issue…..whatever that may be.

Getting back into routine.

  • Find a job, head out to do some further study, or continue your career.
  • Find a permanent place to live, a place to feel grounded.
  • Develop friendship network with old and new friends
  • Create your regular routine of life - you can start with small rituals for your day.

The downside.

Not as easy as it sounds! Depending on what you plan to do, if you even know what that is it may not really fit into a routine lifestyle and your going to have start implementing new behaviours into your lifestyle. It may also take considerable time to reset up all the foundations for you to have a wonderful free flowing routine and a life which you fully enjoy.

Talking to family and friends.

  • Share your stories with family and friends and like minded people.
  • Share how you are feeling, your emotions and what your experiencing with the changes in your life.
  • Just spend time together, be around people and do things that light you up and that make you feel happy, joyful and present in the moment.
  • Develop deeper and more meaningful relationships.

The downside.

Old friends and family may never fully be able to understand your point of view. They haven't experienced what you have. You may have changed a lot from your travels and now have different views and beliefs, friends may have moved on or you find you just don't relate to them anymore.

Getting involved with the community and attending events.

  • This is a great way to meet more like minded people and friends.
  • You will start building a connection with the world around you.
  • Start to seek out similar experiences in your hometown - be a tourist in your own country.
  • Continue the adventure, looking for things you love in the place you live.

The downside.

It's not always as easy as it sounds. You may not always be able to find something that suits you at the right time or the right place. You may not feel as comfortable in your old home as things may have changed.

Moving cities

  • This is a fresh new start and feels like your going on another new adventure.
  • There will be new friends and a new places to see, similar to when you travel.
  • You will move away from old memories that make you feel frustrated about going back home.

The downside.

You will need to find your place, build your community and may be further from the people who love and support you the most. Spending more time being alone and setting up new networks and friendships may be harder without familiar surroundings.

Seeking professional help.

  • This is great to express to a party who are not friends or family and that actually ‘get it’ and understand.
  • The professional will give you practical tips to work through.
  • Despite this bringing up emotions it will still help you to move through the transitions. It’s better to face these feelings rather than ignore them.

The downside.

Choose carefully, depending on who and what type of professional you choose, they may not be able to relate. Have they experienced this them self? Do you like this person and their approach. Some come with a high price tag, this is why you want to ensure you know exactly what you will get and what your experience will be like.

I work with wanderlusters and travellers to help them move through reverse culture shock, to learn more about what I offer check out my work or contact me for a complimentary consultation.

On a final note...

Help yourself by trying one, a few or all of these strategies, depending on what will suit your situation. In time you will pass through this phase and that will be different for everyone. Trying these options can help speed up your transition. Take one step at a time, do what feels right for you and know that everything will sort itself out, it just may take time.


Are you feeling the effects of reverse culture shock? Having money troubles after travel? Are you ready to explore how the world can look now you are back from your big adventure? Book in for a complimentary session to talk through what is happening in your world and how I can help.

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