Step is a wild ride.

Isn't it easy to lose yourself in this world? Now even more so than 10 or 20 years ago. We live in the age of information where anything we want to know is at the end of our fingertips, quite literally. Social media lets us peer into the lives of so many. Comparison is easy, judgment is easier as we really are only perceiving the world with our own eyes and thoughts and creating a story around what we choose to focus on.

Society will show us what we 'think' we should be doing and so will our friends, family and colleagues. With most of our minds living on auto pilot, it's easy to become brainwashed by the messages of the world. Ultimately though, it all comes back to you. You are the only person who has the controls of your life whether you believe it or not. You have the ability to take charge of your life. Most of the time that begins with your mind.

So often we are looking outside our self and seeking the answers, seeking fulfilment, seeking love, seeking pleasure, looking for something that will 'fix' us or change us. That something does not exist. The things external to us, are not within our control.

So if it's not something outside our self, it must be something within us. But what is that and how do we access it? By tuning into these three areas.

  • Awareness - knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Getting present to our own reality.
  • Intuition - the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Tuning into the 'gut feeling' the knowings and the subtle messages you are receiving in your life.
  • Feeling - an emotional state or reaction. What is actually happening for you?

Life can take us far if we choose to. As Helen Keller says 'life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.' But I can't tell you it will always be wonderful. Often we will feel no direction, no pull or no motivation to go a certain way. The path will be foggy and we will barely be able to see the next step. This can either be horrifying or exhilarating or both, that is all up to you. 6 years ago I left Australia with a backpack and no plan. The most exciting years of my life unfolded in front of me, yes I had fear, uncertainty and a vulnerable open heart but the lack of direction and the inkling to follow a subtle pull, lead to an epic life adventure.

There are also no guarantees of what will happen along the way. Having expectations can be risky. It's ok to have them but know they may not always be met, or they may be far exceeded. We can't rely on people, events and situations to play out exactly as we expect. We must turn within to cultivate what we ultimately want.

Be open to the challenges. Life may just bring you, your wildest adventure. This life was not designed to be a golden path covered in glitter, unicorns, rainbows and everlasting sunshine. Darkness is part of our human experience, without it, how on earth would we experience the light? Likewise, if we know everything, how can we possibly be delighted and presently surprised with the unknown. That, which is unknown is not always 'bad' it's not always 'good' either, it's just a surprise. It would be impossible for the human spirit to know everything that lies ahead, and no fun either!

So lean into the life journey, you're in for a ride. Yes, life is short - but remember also it will be the longest thing you ever do! Sometimes the road is long and the experience unpleasant, but I know for sure the lessons you pick up along the way will be invaluable. The solitude will open your eyes and teach you they way you want to show up in this world.

In finding yourself and who you really are, look at the great picture of your life, where have you been, what have you done, who have you touched. Know that no one else will be quite like you. Take the opportunities you are given, embrace them fully, exploring them inside and out and when you're finished with them move onto the next? Thanks to them with and open heart and an open mind and live them out if your way. Own them, own your approach to the way you live your life.

See your amazing unique gifts that you bring to this world. Nobody else has the ones you do. We are all unique and make this life beat with who we are and how we contribute our self to this life. There simply is no other way. Everything is perfect the way it plays out.

Sometimes it will be hard and challenging to keep taking the steps forward to the next chapter or open the next door. But we must continue to move forward one step at a time. Being present to the experience but always choosing to step forward again. Because if we don't we will, stand still, we will stop. Stop learning, stop experiencing and untimely stop living. No matter how difficult either step may be it will always be easier than stopping. If we stop, so does our spirit, there will be nothing to live for, it will ultimately fizzle out and we will die. Whatever that looks like. So don't ever stop taking each step in your life.

The human spirit is capable of enduring far more than we realise. We are all a fingerprint from the same hand, forever connected with our own unique gifts given to us to bring to this world.

'Never forget the person you are on this journey. It's such an exciting pathway, sometimes with no direction, no guarantees, times may be challenging and places unknown. The distance may seem far with times of solitude. Wherever this journey takes you, know that it's yours to take and live. Your amazing so thanks that step forward and see what unfold with no fear and no regrets.'

Adventures, Wanderlusters, Travellers.....You've had the most amazing adventure, travelling, working and living across this beautiful planet. Now your back to where you left off, the 'real world.' You have grown, you've seen, you've experienced. But back home, nothing has changed. You just cant relate to those around you. Ive created the WILD TRIBE for you and all of us. A place to come together to exchange experiences, share stories and create the next chapter of your life...just sign up below. Cant wait to see you there.

Lets share the adventure...

Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

Lets share the adventure. xo