Travel Diaries #12: Mission to Uruguay

Had our brains really been severely affected by the copious amounts of alcohol we had consumed in Argentina? Or was it simply just the all night parties that Buenos Aires had severed up to us? Perhaps we had we just become lazy and unable to work to a schedule of time since we were now ‘travellers’ with no routine and no order to life.

We so desperately craved the fresh air that could not be found in Buenos Aires. Sitting on the train in silence, we all wondered how how plan had gone so painfully wrong. Uruguay was our destination and we found ourselves sitting in the tourist office booking the boat ride across the Delta! There it became apparent that we wouldn't be able to leave today. The boat left in 90 minutes from Tigre which was an hour away, secondly we were required there an hour prior to it departing. Instead we booked our tickets for the 7.30am boat the next day!

Perhaps the decision to enjoy the nightlife in Buenos Aires that night, yet again was our downfall. Arriving home around 2.30am I set the alarm for 5am. The three of us were fast asleep within moments.

The next morning I didn't really want to open my eyes. I could sense sunlight coming through the window. My body didn't feel tired enough for it to be 5am. Instead I wanted to wait for the alarm to wake me but when I rolled over to check the time, I was horrified! Sitting up quite abruptly I realised it was 7.50am.

Our boat had left 20 minutes ago. Thankfully we were able to change our tickets, 'but only this once.' We were told to meet at 520 Lavalle street ready for departure at 3.30pm. I scribbled the address in my notebook. We couldn't miss it this time!

Hovering around Lavalle street, it was a little strange there was no number 520. Our day had been built around being here on time and ready to depart. As we questioned one more time why there wasn't a number 520, it suddenly occurred to Kajsa the dilemma. There was a 520 Lavalle street in Tigre, we were in Capital Federal Buenos Aires! There was no chance we could make the 4.30pm boat. The three of us stared at one another in disbelief. We didn't have the energy to cry, we didn't really have the energy for anything. Maybe this wasn't meant to be, but we couldn't let it dampen our spirits. So we decided to head to Tigre regardless.

The air was fresher, the sun was shining and everyone was enjoying mate (a traditional Argentinian herbal drink). Now was the time for something to go our way. Kajsa wondered how she was going to explain the dilemma to the ticket office in Spanish as our language skills were coming along but not to this detail. Our expressions and exhaustion must have been apparent as we approached the receptionist. After little explanation she changed our tickets so we wouldn't have to buy another. Our moods lifted instantly. We would stay the night in Tigre, we would make the boat on the fourth attempt.


Not until our passports were stamps and we set foot on Uruguayan soil did we celebrate our arrival. The little town of Colonial del Sacramento was quaint and sleepy. Perfect to explore on bikes which we could hire from the hostel. We rode to the old town and spent the afternoon sightseeing, wandering through shops and exploring the lighthouse. From the top we gained perspective of the town and watched the sun fall.

That night we cooked tacos for dinner and made friends with some Argentinians and an Italian. Relaxing in the hostel was the perfect retreat from the craziness of Buenos Aires. The morning saw us leave at around 11am. Busing back to Carmello for the boat ride back to Tigre. This certainly had been an adventure.



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