Travel Diaries #13: Ushuaia - the end of the world.

The flight to the end of the world was smooth until landing. I don't know if it had anything to do with how far south we were but I have never experienced the plane rumble, bounce and shake so much. Add to this the gasps, screams and worried noises from the cabin and you have one scary experience. Nonetheless I arrived, I felt a good vibe about Ushuaia, Fin del Mundo (the end of the world).

The most southerly town boasted character. The cold streets were alive with night shopping, people and atmosphere. Although quite touristy and cold I enjoyed wandering around the city the night I arrived.

Ushuaia has many activities and I found myself on the ski slopes on day one. As a beginner snowboarder I mastered the green runs and moved onto blue. Soon I found myself in a dilemma as I had to catch the poma lift. Like my mother, I had never mastered this, face-planting seconds after hanging on for dear life. But I had no choice and on the fourth time, mum I am proud to say I mastered the poma!

The rain fell all of the next morning as I prepared to trek through the parque nacional. Thankfully it cleared in time for me to see the beautiful landscape of Lapataia Bay, the beaver stand and Lagona Negra.

The next day I rode the chairlift to Glacier Martial. Only accessible in the summer. The views of Ushuaia and beyond were breathtaking. At the top amongst the snow capped trees I met some Argentinian friends, we drank maté and ate chocolate.

My new friends invited me back for a traditional Argentinian BBQ consisting of anything an everything meat. Some tomato and lettuce and of course bread. A crazy night spend amongst strangers, the perfect way to to spend my last hours at the end of the world!


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