Travel Diaries #2: Iguazu - The most spectacular waterfalls I have ever seen.

Most people I spoke with told me that the Argentinian side of Iguazú Falls were much more spectacular than the Brazilian side. Perhaps it was for this reason, my expectations of Foz do Iguaçu were surpassed. Regardless, I was glad I visited the Brazilian side first.


According to my guide book, the theory stated that the negative ions generated by the falls make people happier. The closer you get to the falls, the more your mood improves. Eventually resulting in a breakdown of laughter and giggles. Back in 2011 I wasn't sure I believed that theory, nowadays I understand much more clearly! Regardless, there was certainly something magical about that place. The sun was warm, skies blue and the birds chirped as I arrived at Foz do Iguaçu.

At the first viewing point the panoramic view of this grand waterfall was breathtaking. The enormity, incredible. I wondered along the pathway perfecting my photography skills and trying to comprehend the natural beauty of the waterfall.

Lush green plants acted as a canopy shielding me from the hot sun. Occasionally mist and spray would cover the walkway leaving me damp from heat to toe. I had heard about Iguazú and seen many pictures but being there was something else. The thundering roar grew louder as I travelled along the path the falling water was mesmerizing. After spending two hours on the 1km trail, I arrived at the base of Devils Throat, the base of the falls.

A boardwalk stretched out into the centre of the falls ending with a viewing platform for those who dared to get up close. At first glance it seemed easy enough, but as I made my way out along the boardwalk I realised why I was one of few. Water gushed beneath me and I became instantly saturated. The air squalled and I could feel the energy and force of the cascading water. Hanging on tight I made it to the furthermost point where I took a moment to be in the waterfalls. This was long enough as the whitewash began to frighten me. My thoughts wondered how the walkways could sustain the force and enormity of the water racing around it. How simple it would be to get washed away. This was my cue to return to the safety of the river bank.

I wanted to stay longer, but there is only so much time you can spend in a waterfall. Soaked to bone I rode the bus. As the river rafting was closed due to dangerous amounts of water, I decided to go rappelling to appreciate the view.

Harnessed up and and ready to drop myself 55m over Iguazú river, I shook with fear. I'm not sure if it was the drop, the rushing river below or the awesome view that surrounded me, but it seemed to be challenging just the same. As I dropped over my eyes boggled, my heart pounded and my mouth dropped open. The falls continued to amaze me, now mater how I experienced them.

My feet hit the rocks on the rivers edge and we started to make our way up the tiny rusted spiral staircase. What an amazing site this was. If this was what I experience today I couldn't imagine what lay ahead on the otherwise. I would have to wait...only time would tell.

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