Travel Diaries #5: Iguazu...there's more.

I have already written a post on Iguazu, so by now my obsession for waterfalls must be clear. Whenever I travel, explore or even spend an afternoon in nature, I cant help but be drawn to a waterfall. So when I first landed in South America, Iguazu was top of the list. After seeing this wonder of nature from Brazil, I wondered how it could possibly get any better. Let me tell you it did! So lets flash back...

Iguazu Devils Throat

What I saw before me was indescribable. Standing in silence I tried to comprehend the awe inspiring site. I had never seen so much water in my life. How was it possible that one could stand on the edge of this tremendous waterfall and marvel at it's beauty? I was standing on Garganta del Diablo (or Devils throat, for the English translation) at Iguazú Falls. Life seemed to moved in slow motion for the most part. Copious amounts of water cascaded down into the infinitive white mist. The tremendous roar deafened my senses as I tried to digest this awesome sight.

Iguaze broken catwalk

Garganta del Diablo is the main attraction at Parque Nacional Iguazú. The highlight for most who visit Iguazú falls from the Argentinian side. The dry spell of 1978 saw only a trickle of water fall from the enormous cliffs. Four year later the drought broke and Iguazú flooded washing away barriers, catwalks and viewpoints. I felt we would almost again experience the later as water gushed beneath the viewpoints and onto infinity.

Waiting an extra day to visit, we had been told by many not to hold out hope of seeing the Devils Throat. The catwalks had been closed for the past five days as water-levels rose beyond safe levels. According to word on the street, water levels this high only occurred twice a year. Most predicted a few days before it would reopen to the crowds that flocked to this natural wonder. Today we had been lucky. We were convinced and disappointed we wouldn't see this amazing site.

A few moments after entering the park."Guys, Guys, Guys!" our friend shouted from behind. "the Devils Throat has opened!" in a mass of confusion we suddenly broke down into laughter and excitement after hearing his news! But remember...that's one of those effects that waterfalls can have one you! Loosing time waiting at the hostel, we had left a behind, but he now joined us with the exciting news. The adventurous day ahead had only just began.

Our first stop was the lower trail. The catwalks weaved through the lush green forest by the river. Smaller waterfalls dotted the ridge we walked along. Millions of droplets sprayed into the clear blue sky casting rainbows in every direction. Occasionally the tangled forest would part to reveal the grand panoramic view. The trails lead us to viewpoints unfathomable.

Iguazu Boat trip

Descending the cliff on the slippery narrow trail we approached the rivers edge. All six of us boarded the boat which would take us excitingly close to the falls. As we reversed from the docking point we acted like kids in a candy store. The boat skirted around the base of the falls before throttling us into the tremendous sprays and under the waterfall. Unstoppable laughter, enthusiasm and pure thrill rushed through our bodies. In we went again, and again, and again. The giant droplets splattered on our skin and all we could see was white. We chugged back to the rivers edge engulfed by an energetic high, that remained with us for the entire day.

Experiencing Iguazú Falls was simply magical. A place where the water dances, the world stops and the wonders of nature take your breath away.

Iguazu Three Palms
Iguazu Abby
Iguazu Rainbow

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