Travel Diaries #9: La Bomba de Tiempo percussion drum show.

Standing in line on the dark streets of Buenos Aires it was Monday night. We joined the queue of trendy Argentinians, hippies and ragamuffin lovers. The recommendation had spread about the percussion drum show of La Bomba de Tiempo at Konex. Consisting of around 17 drums and percussion instruments, the concert has been a raging success with locals and foreigners for the past five years. My friends and I were about to discover why!

Many people had suggested this was a must do activity when in Buenos Aires. Wondering how good a drum show could be, I didn't seem as excited as most around me. This didn't dampen my spirits, more so, it intrigued me to see what the act was all about.


The doors opened and the queue filed in quickly. The brick building expanded into an open courtyard. Once an oil producing factory the building had been transforming into a hype of energy every Monday evening. KONEX shined red on the neon sign. People flocked to the corner, partially under the giant staircase that intruded the interesting space. The bopping of drums grew louder as we got closer to the crowd. Sounds of the drums from the warm up act vibrated though our entire bodies. The music was the only thing we could hear.

The group of about 20 dancers and 20 drummers led us into the old wear-house where the stage sat and lights shone red. A women in her 50s or 60s lead the group with her groovy moves and her lacy hand held fan. Wearing white and black, some wore glittery gold face art. Others concentrated precisely on the tunes. Gradually circling around us the dancers bopped away and the drummers played intensely until everyone was inside.

Now shunning blue the stage was set and La Bomba de Tiempo made their entrance. They wore strange red jumpsuit outfits, that suited there style in an odd way. Taking front stage the conductor lead the group and the jam session using 100s of hand signals. The music was incredibly synchronised and sounded amazing.

One couldn't help but bop away to the tunes and vibrations that engulfed the four walls in which we stood. Standing our ground we stopped many from gaining a position in front of us on order to see the spectacular show.

As the show went on the crowd danced like crazy, exploding into a grand mosh pit that we didn't dare enter. Instead we stood on the edge and watched as the hipsters threw themselves around like mad to the sounds of La Bomba. Before too long we were squished like sardines ensuring there was plenty of dancing space before us. As the show drew to a close the conducted joined the mosh pit, throwing himself around just as madly as the rest.

The clock hit ten and the show came to an end. Apparently the cranky neighbouring residents imposed a noise restriction on the act. Strictly finishing early Buenos Aires time. Two hours of amazing energy had been a wonderful start to the week.


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