Should you book your next trip to beat the post travel blues?

The hype has died down since you first returned home from your gap year, or your 5 years of living and working abroad and it’s time to get back to ‘normal life.’ (what even is that anyway, you dont really relate!)

Thinking about going back to the 9-5 is crippling your soul and your scrolling through instagram seeing your friends living the dream life a million miles away. You try to remember that the perfectly curated feed is really only the shiny 5% of their life, but its not really working for you.

Your trying hard to move past the struggles of reverse culture shock and the best thing you can think to do is just book your next adventure. Where else can you get a working holiday visa? How much will you need for 12 months backpacking South America, maybe you can work along the way or volunteer. Anything to be back in the freedom, travelling the world.

Let me tell you, you are not alone. I asked around 90 people what they do to beat the reverse culture shock phase, the most common response was that they would book their next trip, or start to plan their next trip.

But is it the right thing to do?

The biggest this you need to ask yourself is why are you travelling again? Are you running from something or are you running too something?

Booking your next trip to beat reverse culture shock.

The Pros

  • A focus - having a goal to work towards is always a good way to move through a transitional time, it will help you get back into a routine, have something to aim for and inspire you to get back to work, start earning money and start integrating back into a community
  • Motivation - having an exciting adventure will drive you. You will feel as though you have a reason for why you are doing what you're doing.
  • Getting back to what you love - Your wildly passionate about travel, I know, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, having another trip planned will give you the opportunity to get back to what you love - exploring, traveling with a sense of freedom.

The Cons

  • Are you running from something? - Why is it that you want to travel again. I know there is so much to gain from travel and so much growth to be had. But is there something that your not facing, or running away from that you don’t like in your home life, you don’t want to deal with so instead this is the best way you know how to ignore it?
  • You won't actually move through the reverse culture shock transition/change - what will happen is you start to create a pattern, of travel and returning home. If this is all you can do to face the uncomfortableness of this transition, you will never actually move through it. You will travel and come home and still be faced with integrating back to your home life.

Using a different focus (not booking your next trip) as a means of moving through the reverse culture shock transition.

The Pros.

  • Opportunity to move through transition means growth - you will learn more about yourself, how to be compassionate, how to experience the ebbs and flows of life, the highs and the lows. You will be challenged but you will come through and out the otherside, knowing yourself a whole lot better.
  • New dreams and new challenges - allowing yourself to go through this process will bring about new dreams, new challenges, new passions and potentially even new projects. You will start to understand and dive into other areas of your life and apply what you have learned during your travels into these areas.

The Cons.

  • Transitioning through reverse culture shock is hard - Im not going to lie, this is a tough path to walk. One where you feel so isolated from those around you and those who you thought you knew well and thought knew you well. It will be a bumpy ride, there will be times when you just wish you had your old travelling life back.
  • Change - Change is a good thing but it’s hard to face because it’s different to what we know. Just like adapting to a new culture, change is required to move through the reverse culture shock stages.

On a final note

I’m not here to tell you not to travel again, that’s not the point of the piece. Rather to make you aware of why you are making the decisions that you are. The reality is, if your a traveller, your going actually travel again, on a trip big or small. In the three years I’ve been home, I’ve travelled countless trips within the country and at least four overseas trips. Travel is ingrained in my soul, as I’m sure it is yours.

Ultimately, you want to ask yourself why? Follow what it is that you are being called to do, don’t ignore your intuition, it always knows what’s best. If you're not sure lets chat, I'd love to help you out.


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