Letting go of 'things', getting present and tuning into herself with Verity Brown

Conversations with Wanderlusters...Interview series.

Join me as I wander into the lives and minds of Wanderlusters. They share with me their travel stories, navigating their return home and stepping into an inspired adventures life.

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Founder of the SEASALT plan (Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today) Verity supports women in removing any mindset blocks. She teaches them healthy daily habits for the mind and in turn helping them connect with their inner woman.

Verity visited Cambodia, Vietnam and India for 2 months in 2016 and has previously solo-travelled in Greece.

What was the stand out moments of your travels?

I had an opportunity to understand myself again after losing myself in a 10-year relationship I had just walked away from. I remember we were in the Cambodian countryside and had just been on an ox cart ride to some local fields. I am a lover of sunsets naturally but the sunset that night stirred something deeply emotional in me and I felt my first wave of liberation that continued for the rest of my holiday.

What challenges did you face when returning home?

Western society and its reliance on the external and material. I had already started to shed material well before going away as endless moving houses/ break-ups just made it impractical to carry things around. But returning home I had even less desire for "things". I also had less tolerance for the stereotypical Western approach to life; complaints about the weather, obsessions with junk food and reality tv, a general sense of people living a life that didn't bring them true joy and relying on the external to fill fulfilment gaps.

What emotions and feelings did you experience upon returning home?

I was full of energy, lighter, glad to be around family, but dreading going back to London and the 9-5 drain. It didn't take long for me to start searching for ways to make my life more naturally beautiful.

What strategies did you use to move through this phase after returning home? 

Working on my inner self, meditation, headspace, adapting as gentle a lifestyle as possible in a hectic world. I ended up working in my 9-5 for another 18 months and part way through this started to develop my own business, the SEASALT plan.

How did your travels inspire your next steps? 

It gave the push to set up my own company, leave my job, move back to my hometown by the sea and travel the world working on my own thing.

Your biggest lesson learned from travels and returning home? 

Being on your own and learning how to do it positively is one of the most beautiful situations you can be given. Its scary and it's hard but it is the only way you can truly learn about yourself. By learning about yourself, you know what makes your heart content and can live a life true to your path.


What mindset shifts changed for you after travel and returning home? 

Be present is my new mantra. It changed my life. I practice it every day and it is a big part of my teachings to other women. It simplifies life and helps with anxiety and overwhelm. It's truly powerful.

What advice would you give others to prepare for re-entry/reverse culture shock? 

Do not lose the valuable lessons you learnt travelling no matter what societies pressures you to do. Wrap yourself in an invisible cloak and maintain your energy. Remember what makes your heart truly happy and try not to learn into the easily available external and money-led things in life to create this.

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