Stop wishing your time away.

When the answer to this problem may be hidden where you don't want to look...

Spring has sprung and and for most of us down here in the southern hemisphere winter is well and truly over. Something that so many of us are very happy to see. I'm still holding on to my last few days of 'winter at the snow' and am just trying to figure out how I can get a few runs in on my snowboard later today and for the rest of this week.

I've thought a lot about the changes I have made over the last few months and what I'm constantly being reminded how much I've enjoyed the winter season this year. Quite a contrast to my last two winters spent on the coast.

Five months ago a mentor pitched the idea to me to 'look for a different job' suggesting it could help me move out of the funk I had found myself in.  My stubborn ego mind knew this was not the answer and I almost rejected the idea instantly, but my intuition knew better. I found myself begrudgingly searching through advertisements for positions close to where I was living. Just as I thought, nothing was warming to me until a little whisper told me 'what about the snow?' I'd spent seasons at the snow before and loved snowboarding. Yet I still 'begrudgingly' googled my options thinking things would never be the same.

The flow on from there was almost seamless. As I scrolled down the job listings I found the perfect position, I called the contact and we had an easy effortless conversation about the role (I was still holding back as I would say things like 'I'm still not sure if this is what I want to do.) Within about a month I'd decided to make the move to Mount Beauty and accepted the role at Falls Creek. Everything flowed except my minds resistance to the change.

I had to loosen my tight grip on areas of my life that I was holding onto. These were things like my one bedroom flat where I lived, the extra time and freedom I had created around my work and new friendships that had started to grow. Looking back in hindsight some of these things were holding me back. The change also allowed me to step away from things that I had clung to (despite not really enjoying them anyway) that no longer served me, mainly the work I was doing.

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." ~ Robin Sharma

Moving through my funk meant deep diving for the answer in a place I really didn't want to look. Or perhaps I should say, my ego mind didn't want to look. The change came with a lot of unknowns but I stepped in anyway.

The best part about it all is that I have never once looked back and I have realised this winter I haven't wished away my time. Back on the coast felt colder than being at the snow. I wasn't fully enjoying my life and I was just wanting for that time of year to pass.

How to know if your wishing your time away?

  • You are bored and frustrated with your work or daily activities.
  • Your living with a destination addiction mindset 'Ill be happy when...'
  • You complain about this phase 'I wish the winter was over.'
  • You find it hard to be present and enjoy even the mundane parts of your life.
  • Your feel stuck in a 'funk' and no solutions seem to offer the way out.

The hardest part about all of these points is that its often hard to see them when your living in that position and with that mindset. Stepping back from your life and observing it as a whole is not easy and it can be hard to identify some of these points. Having a coach or mentor can help as they are able to see things with a different perspective.

How to stop wishing your time away?

  • Lean into, investigate and explore the solutions that may be hidden, not seem appealing and may feel easy to dismiss because you 'don't THINK it is the answer.'
  • Look for ways to completely change your situation. (Scary I know.)
  • Find ways to incorporate things you love DOING and places you love BEING in your everyday life.
  • Surround yourself with the people and environment that will help you enjoy life NOW, not when the winter has passed or your holidays finally arrive!

We are always on a journey of growth and change. Keep looking and listening for the subtle messages that are showing up in your life.


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