Expanding, living now and stepping into herself with Zoe Davenport

Conversations with Wanderlusters...Interview series.

Join me as I wander into the lives and minds of Wanderlusters. They share with me their travel stories, navigating their return home and stepping into an inspired adventures life.


Zoe Davenport was born with extra sensory abilities and has been extensively studying self-love, quantum physics and spiritual ascension for the past 10 years.

Her recent three week adventure to Peru marked the end of a two year travel tour of Canada, America, Central America, Hawaii and Peru. Peru was one of the last places on her vision board and two years ago she made a firm commitment to make it all happen. Zoe found Peru grounding and the conclusion and beautiful end to what was a truly transformational time for herself. Zoe took part in a 9 day ceremony journey in the jungle and then travelled through the sacred valley.

What was the stand out moments of your travels?

The highlights for me were the sun rises and sun sets in all the different places I travelled to. The lowlights were to keep trusting I would have enough money to get met to where I knew I was meant to be going.

What challenges did you face when returning home?

I'd say the biggest challenge for me was integration back with friends and family as each time I’d go away I’d expand more into who I am and when I return it felt like a little stuck in my energy. Not being in the epic nature spots and always feeling a little overwhelmed with all the people.

What emotions and feelings did you experience upon returning home?

I'd say it always takes me about a month to settle back in and see the positive in returning home.

What strategies did you use to move through this phase after returning home? 

Yoga, meditation, creating a new vision board for my next adventures, making time to get out into nature, setting a plan to save $$ again for travel and planning my next adventure. I would say also focussing on mindset helped alot.

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How did your travels inspire your next steps? 

Travel inspires all parts of my life, my business would not be the same without it, I would have never written my book. Travel for me is how I get the creative juices and energy flowing.

Your biggest lesson learned from travels and returning home? 

Biggest lesson - how to fully be myself in all walks of life, returning home to still be this expanded version of myself without fear.

What mindset shifts changed for you after travel and returning home? 

Just a greater sense of my connection to the Earth and how to continue to keep this connection even in denser places. To always know it's easy to change a situation with a little faith and taking those steps forward. Living more in the moment to really be in the power of NOW.


What advice would you give others to prepare for re-entry/reverse culture shock? 

I would say - hold onto your heart of who you know you are from all the amazing adventures you had. Not everyone is going to be interested in your stories and that's ok, save the energy for those that really can listen and want to. For me a lot of travel is such a personal journey. Be gentle with yourself when coming back, it takes a little time to adjust to self-care is No.1!!!

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