My Journal...So whats it all about?

My aim is to reach you, going about your day in your 'normal' life, yet have the inkling that there may be something else. Something, which if you choose to pull back the curtains, would expose the most incredible adventure, the most incredible life. I want to share with you what I have found happens when we extend our self into the uncomfortable zone. Ill be there to encourage you to take the step, inspire you to follow the path less travelled and hold you accountable, raise you up, cheer you on and celebrate your journey to the other side of challenge.

Why? Because there is so much greatness inside of everyone. Greatness that sometimes gets filed away to use later, for when you have the time or when you have the money or when you don't care so much about what others think about you.

I want to support you to challenge your way of thinking. We all deserve to be lit up with what excites us, living a life on purpose and doing great work in the world. Sometimes we get in our own way, there is a voice that holds us back or perceptions of what others may think of us. I experience this often. I have failed, more times than I have succeeded. Failure is something many of us view in the wrong light, as something we haven’t been able to do rather than a step towards the bigger picture. We should all be able to feel worthy of ourselves and confident in reaching our potential. Not in a way where we are striving but in a way were we are allowing. Allowing the inklings to unfold in our imagination and out into our physical life.

I enjoy adventure, travel, health and fitness, meditation, sunsets, chocolate, good human connections, swimming in the ocean, the list could go on. Please join me as I unpack the lessons I am learning by allowing my imagination to develop into the adventures of my life.

Lets share the adventure...

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