Travelling with space and feminine essence with Leticia Ringe.

Leticia was once a lawyer, she has since moved to London, set up her Life Coaching business and teaches how to have space and bring feminine essence into your life.

About Leticia

Leticia is a Life & Purpose Coach, Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast and qualified Theta Healer supporting her community to find inner peace, clarity & fulfilment through aligning with their purpose, embracing their feminine essence and creating a life that is beautiful to them.  Empowering her clients to draw from both their masculine and feminine she created her signature online course, Embrace Your Feminine Essence, to teach you how to reconnect with your creative power, listen to your inner voice and develop a supportive lifestyle & mindset that  allows your body, mind & soul to thrive. 

Prior to this work, Leticia worked in the legal industry for 10 years. She was a qualified & practising lawyer in Sydney, Australia before deciding to move to London to find her purpose. At this time, she felt completely lost & alone, however with dedication, trust & surrender she was able to create a meaningful career, business & life doing what truly lights up her soul.  It is Leticia's mission to support as many people as possible find work or create a business they also love & she believes understanding our feminine essence, including our cyclical nature as women is the missing ingredient. 

Each time I go back to Sydney, I find it really difficult because the environment is more difficult than willpower.
— Leticia Ringe

When coming home...

  • Emotions and differences Leticia faced - Frustration and feeling out of alignment, sometimes feels angry but also feels joy, fun happy grateful and appreciative. She describes it as a whirlwind.

  • What had changed for Leticia - She had changed quite a lot and been more involved in personal and spiritual development. Finds it really difficult when returning to Sydney as she knows that environments is more powerful than willpower. Sometimes she reverts to old habits and patterns. Difficult to reconcile the person who she is now with the person who she once was.

  • Biggest stress - The constant whirlwind of emotions on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • How Leticia supported herself - Grounds herself, Meditation practice, practice her usual rituals (appreciation, intuition journals, ways to set up and close her day)

  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock

  1. There is a whole other world out there and its so important to see difference.

  2. Importance of removing yourself from your environment to see how you might change and grow.

  3. Look at space as an investment in yourself and be able to create that on your travels.

  • Advise to herself for returning home - Appreciate as much as possible the time she had on her travels but honour and respect how she is feeling in the now and give herself plenty of space.

You take a lot of things for granted, but there are a lot of ways of doing things and sometimes it takes a trip to realise that.
— Leticia Ringe

Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

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