Travel for growth and how it impacts our perspective with Aaron Yeak.

Aaron Yeak has been travelling since the age of 2. For him travel is all about how you can grow and gain perspective of others. He loves taking his learnings and applying them into his life and business back home.

About Aaron

Aaron is driven from within. He is an entrepreneur, traveller, and lover of great coffee and people’s stories. His career spans Formula 1, sport and recreation, management consulting and now takes him on a business journey with an unknown destination. Much like his travel he enjoys the journey as well as the destination in life and business and takes every opportunity to see the world through the eyes and footprints of others. Aaron is documenting his business journey to a “destination unknown” and has also written a book about his career transitions from standing track side at motor sport events to inside boardrooms as a management consultant.

From the age of 2, Aaron has been fortunate to have spent multiple periods overseas including studying in China, Austria and Finland. As well as travelling to over 40 countries throughout Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America. Much of his time abroad has been spent exploring the local scene with friends who are locals.

Your mindset, in the moment, is so important as has the potential to be an enriching experience or something you can grow from and learn from or something you can get stuck on and go on a bit of a negative spiral which you really don’t want to be in when you’re away from your comfort zone.
— Aaron Yeak

In the episode...

  • Aaron has always travelled to visit family and friends.

  • Studying abroad in many different countries.

  • Aaron likes to travel ‘through the eyes of a local.’

  • Figuring out the way the locals live and learning to adopt their ways in their country.

  • How technology has changed the way we travel, the pros and the cons and how we should not let these changes override the purpose and reasons for why we travel.

  • When Aaron got scammed on his recent trip to Helsinki and how it made him feel.

  • Why your mindset is so important when you are travelling.

  • What Aaron learned from the way scammers operate.

  • The appreciation and different perspective that travel offers you.

  • How Aaron gets excited for travel, even if its just talking to others about their travels.

  • Using the learnings from his travel to impact others in their life.

  • What you interpret as travel and adventure is up to you and may be different to others.

  • Scratch the itch or inkling for travel because ‘what if you dont?’

  • How travel has formed who he is.

Rapid fire round

  1. The last place Aaron visited - Melbourne/Sydney, Out of country - Vietnam

  2. A place Aaron tells everyone to travel to - Scandinavia

  3. Scariest place travelled to - Malaysia

  4. Favourite thing about travel - Meeting people from all around the world

  5. Aarons’s next destination - Vietnam

Why Aaron continue to seek out travel and live abroad? Curiosity and wondering what else is out there.

Travel has made me less materialistic.
— Aaron Yeak

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