Joy, Letting go of fear and moving to Thailand at 52 with Barbara Smith.

Barbara had lived the life she wanted in the states, so after recovering from cancer, she decided to move to Thailand.

About Barbara

Barbara is a world traveller, originally from San Francisco, now living in Thailand and SE Asia for the past 3.5 years. She is an online entrepreneur who left a successful tech career in Silicon Valley and came to Thailand to teach English. Barbara is a fearless breast cancer survivor, mother of two wonderful grown kids, a motorbike rider, and lover of life.

Barbara moved to southern Thailand in early 2016. After having done everything she wanted to do in the States personally and professionally, she was ready for a big change. Barbara sold the majority of her belongings, got a job and learned to teach, bought a one-way plane ticket and never looked back. 

Once you let go of fear, there are so many experiences in life that are just joyful and make you feel so full of life.
— Barbara Smith

In the episode...

  • Barbara got a job teaching English in Thailand and brought a one-way ticket and off she went.

  • She had always wanted to live in another country but never expected she would end up in Asia.

  • Barbara had a successful business in Silicone Valley and felt like she had done everything personally and professionally in the States and so it was time to have another adventure.

  • She now lives in Phuket and is absolutely loving her life.

  • Barbara was in a toxic marriage and also had breast cancer, she then had a moment where she knew it was time for her to get out of this life she was living.

  • Barbara had got her cancer diagnosis when she was 52 and left for Thailand when she was 53, she knows for many this was a strange decision but for her was a beautiful new life.

  • Barbara chooses to see her cancer as a gift and a way to change his life.

  • She also decided not to ‘Fight’ cancer and instead decided to rest, be kind and care for herself.

  • Barbara loves the quote “worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.” Instead, she just decides to deal with it.

  • During her 30s and 40s, Barbara was focused on her career and her family but then cancer made her realise it was time to move if she wanted to have an adventure.

  • Barbara thinks that fear can become harder to deal with as you get older.

  • The day fear stopped for Barbara.

  • When Barbara returns to the States she feels like life is standing still. In Thailand, she feels like she is having different experiences every day.

  • Approach travel with an open heart.

Why does Barbara continue to seek out travels and adventures? This is the life and vision that Barbara wants.

If you are a competent human being, you are going to be competent in another country.
— Barbara Smith
Letting go of fear
Travel to bring joy
Travel to bring joy

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