Fiona Peters - Following her dreams as a luxury lifestyle photographer.

Fiona dropped everything and moved to Bali to follow her dreams of photography and surfing and the world.

About Fiona

Fiona is a Luxury Lifestyle Photographer who travels the globe to exotic, tropical island destinations capturing the beauty through her eyes. She is an, adventure seeker, ocean lover, yogi and keen surfer. Influenced by her upbringing on a beautiful coastal town of New South Wales, Fiona began surfing at the age of 13. Her interest is in capturing Mother Nature at her best. When she's not riding a wave, you'll find her shooting the many beautiful stories that she feels so privileged to witness.

Her passion started as a teenager, producing her own film and prints in the darkroom during high school and then leading into slide film and digital applications through University. After her studies she traveled the world extensively, exploring the globe to develop her own unique photography style. Traveling gave her the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life and opened her eyes to amazing architecture, festivals, cultures and much more.

Its not luck, I’ve created this...I had no life savings. You’ve got to connect with people, connect and be willing to do what it takes but you have to truly beleive in yourself.
— Fiona Peters

When coming home...

  • Emotions and differences Fiona faced - things are expensive, how much we consume, Fiona and her partner realised they want to live a minimalistic lifestyle.
  • What had changed for Fiona - Friends didn't really understand their lives in entrepreneurship.
  • Biggest stress - Where Fiona moved to is small and she didn't have a big network so she needed to build up her businesses and contacts. Fiona juggled jobs and her business.
  • How Fiona supported herself - Friends and family helped with finding jobs and places to live until Fiona was able to get set up for herself.
  • How Fiona used her mindset - Its not about luck its about finding what it is you want and really going for it. You have to truely believe in yourself, connect and network and get yourself out there.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. Patience and being prepared for anything to happen.
  2. Difference in cultures and to respect and acceptance.
  3. Gratitude for what we have in the western world. Simple things like clean water and everyday things
  • Advise to herself for returning home - be paitcent with my partner and just putting yourself out there with what you want to do.
It’s only you who’s stopping yourself.
— Fiona Peters


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