Why you should never stop travelling.

The world has so much to offer so here are 5 reasons why you should never stop travelling.

Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes your richer.

The world has so much to offer...

Travel continually teaches us to grow and evolve. I say continually because sometimes we don't learn the lessons the first time round, or we don't fully pick them up and adopt them, or we lose them.

Common lessons and learnings that people say they have gained from travel are to have an open perspective on life, how to be flexible, adaptable and capable of doing things you thought you couldn't do, how to be resourceful and look within rather than outside yourself to get something done and that travel teaches us that life is to be enjoyed and to choose an adventure.

5 reasons to never stop travelling

  1. Travelling is unknown, NEW and thats exciting….There is always a new place to go, new people to meet and new cultures to experience.
  2. Travelling helps you to continually dive into curiosity and playfulness. 
  3. Travelling is fun, rich and creates lasting memories. 
  4. Travel disrupts the mundane routine
  5. Finally (might sum up the last 4 points) Travelling offers us an opportunity for growth, learnings, lessons and expansion.


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Abby Lewtas

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