Gabrielle Nancarrow - Bringing women together as a birth doula after living in the fast paced New York.

Gabrielle has always been a traveller. After living in New York she has returned home to Australia to focus on her family, honest motherhood and purpose as a birth doula.

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a mum of two little girls and a birth doula. She grew up in Anglesea on Victoria’s Surf Coast and has lived in New York, Paris and Buenos Aires.

She is currently back in Melbourne with her family and is close to launching a women’s space in the inner-west called Gather. Gather will be a place for women to come together and connect through the sharing of stories, thoughts and experiences.

Gabrielle’s intention for the space is to bring connection back to a personal level and to provide a supportive place for women to come together free of judgement. She is passionate about speaking our truths, sharing our stories and celebrating honest motherhood.

If you decide in a few years to go back, then you go back.
— Gabrielle Nanarrow

When coming home...

  • Emotions Gabrielle faced - Contemplation of life back in New York, Excited and happy to be back with family and friends, loss of identity.
  • What had changed - Career was not fulfilling her in the way she would have liked.
  • How Gabrielle supported herself - Fostered and continued to build her strong friendship network, connected with her sisters back in New York.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. The importance of family.
  2. Giving yourself time, being patient and being kind to yourself.
  3. Being in the moment and being present.
  • Advise to herself for returning home - be patient, its going to be hard but you will come out the other end and know you have made the right decision.
I really think people are looking for that strong offline community, just a presence where they can be seen and heard for whatever experience they are going through.
— Gabrielle Nancarrow


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