Running towards travel because it inspires your soul with Jade McKenzie

Jade McKenzie travels for business and personal enjoyment. She is a gypsy soul and loves the experiences and opportunities it brings.

About Jade

Jade McKenzie, owner of Event Head, is 5 x internationally award winning event professional and business coach with over 15 years’ experience in event management and business development in the corporate, not for profit and entrepreneurial sectors.

Jade specialises in working with thriving entrepreneurs and businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-millionaires who want to create successful and sustainable events. Having created, managed and executed a wide range of small and large scale events, she has worked within Australia’s most well-known venues, worked alongside celebrities and engaged high level corporate partnerships, whilst assisting to raise over a million dollars in charitable donations.

Jade's work has been enjoyed by thousands of people globally, with her events featuring in national and international media including TV, radio, print and digital platforms. She has taken to the stage delivering presentations and MC’ing in New York, London, Paris and across Australia and regularly presents online via masterclasses, webinars, podcasts, YouTube channels and video interviews.

Her passions include mentoring women in business, developing leadership in the workplace and empowering entrepreneurs to create impactful and sustainable businesses.

Every time I travel, its like I just get the first chapter and I want to read the rest of the book. That’s what it feels like to me, honestly, it’s just a taste and I have to come back for more.
— Jade McKenzie

In the episode...

  • Why home didn’t feel like home anymore and Jade started to feel like travelling felt more like home.

  • The big dived around being home and being away, in particular when her marriage was breaking down.

  • How her ex-partner questioned her about what she was running away from….but realising that she wasn’t running away from something she was running towards something.

  • Understanding that travel is part of Jades blood and it fuels her soul.

  • Why we dont question professional travel writers, photographers and people working in this industry, yet we question this on our own personal journey.

  • The biggest moments and insights come when Jade has space as the inspiration can flow in.

  • Taking the opportunities that she has access through her business and life situation.

  • How Jade feels when she is travelling and how she processes them and how she can bring that into her home life. She describes it as her ‘soul crying.’

  • Jade feels a part of her heart where ever she travels and always feels a sense of yearning to go back, but knows its more about appreciating that experience as it can be recreated

  • If you are wanting to travel and you are not, start small. Learn how to be savy.

  • Travel is not always glamorous - especially as a business owner and mum. Sometimes she feels confronted and conflicted and its important to work through these challenges.

Rapid fire round

  1. What was the last place you visited? Queenstown, New Zealand

  2. A place you tell everyone to visit? New Zealand

  3. Scariest place travelled to? Shenzhen, China

  4. Your favourite thing about travel? Being Braver by going out into the world and not knowing what will happen.

  5. Wheres your next trip? Queenstown, New Zealand

Why Jade continues to seek out travel and adventure? It feels like just a taste…as if its the first chapter and she wants to go back and read the entire book.

I wasn’t running away from anything, in fact, I was running towards something.
— Jade McKenzie


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