Sustainable travel, plastic free and setting boundaries with Sarah Rhodes.

Sarah Rhodes has always been interested in travel and when she finally stepped out into the world she started to see the devastating impact that the plastic pollution is having on our planet.


About Sarah

Sarah has worked in the hospitality and tourism industry throughout her career and has a Masters in Tourism Management where she developed a keen interest in sustainable tourism. Following 4 years working for the South Australian Tourism in online marketing management and project management roles, she undertook training via the Climate Leadership Corps, lead by Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States.

After completing this training Sarah moved to Siem Reap, Cambodia where she worked primarily with the NGO sector and responsible tourism practices, during which time Plastic Free Cambodia was formed. Specialising in consulting to businesses and delivering educational workshops on the topic of plastic reduction and other environmental issues.

Sarah now also consults to other countries around Southeast Asia thanks to the knowledge she has derived from her experiences and growing knowledge of climate change and plastic pollution issues in the region.

Less than 9% of the whole world’s recycling (that we think has been recycled) has actually been recycled.
— Sarah Rhodes

In the episode...

  • Sarah became interested in travel at school when she would always choose to assignments to research other countries.

  • When Sarah first felt outside her comfort zone when she was travelling on an overnight ferry from Rome.

  • Why Sarah decided to study Tourism and how she then became so interested in Sustainable Tourism.

  • How she came to live in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

  • Sarah got involved with ConCERT and NGO where she could start contribution to her passion of sustainable tourism.

  • Sarah became aware of the waste problem in Cambodia and started a campaign - Plastic Free Cambodia which gained a lot of interest.

  • How Sarah’s Campaign is impacting Cambodia

  • Less than 9% of the worlds recycling (that we think has been recycled) have actually been recycled.

  • Sarah talks about how ‘we only know what we only know’ and what happens if your always in your comfort zone.

  • Sarah’s expectations about retuning home to Australia and how she believes ‘she is not going back.’

  • Why she will be challenged with ‘busyness.’

  • How Sarah has ‘Marie Kondo’ed’ her life.

  • Sarah talks about how people struggle with setting personal boundaries for them self.

Why Sarah continue to seek out travel and live abroad? Connecting with people and really discovering and exploring new places.

We only know what we only know and through travel, I feel like I have a much wider, broader amount of knowledge that I would not have had if I had just stayed put in the one place.
— Sarah Rhodes
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