Learning from travel and letting life unfold with Kenan Kreis.

After consistently working as an editor and camera operator Kenan had the itch to travel. When a friend told him ‘you just have to make it happen’ he did and a 11 month journey unfolded.


About Kenan

Kenan is a traveller who has been on and off the road a lot in the past 8 years. When he is “home” he spends a lot of that time on road trips in the western United States. Kenan previously worked in TV & film as an editor and camera operator. He then purchased a house and escaped the usual 9-5 work life now returning to southern California during summers to occasionally work.

Kenan has been to around 42 countries and is now on a journey to uncovering the next chapter in his life. He believes that all humans are equal, no one better than another and that we are just one part of this great planet. 

You just have to do it [travel], you have to make it happen.
— Kenan Kreis

In the episode...

  • Growing up Kenan travelled mainly within the States with his family.

  • When I met Kenan on his first solo trip.

  • The first time Kenan was faced with culture shock in simply having to cross a road to get his dinner.

  • Kenan believes that we shouldn’t hold ourselves higher than anyone else and that we are all equal.

  • The paradox of travel, being with people and being completely alone and how it forces you to face yourself and think about your life.

  • The filtered ‘best’ moments of peoples lives that you see through Instagram.

  • What its like to return home from travelling after such a long time away.

  • How travel helps you learn about yourself and is a form of personal growth.

  • Whoever you are around greatly influences the way you show up in your life.

  • How Kenan’s life has allowed him to travel so much.

  • ‘The formula’ that Kenan feels pressures from in his life.

  • How Kenan leans into trusting his path despite external influences.

  • Looking at and learning from the good and the bad experiences of travel and your life.

  • Kenan describes his twin sister as being completely different to him yet when she started leaning into some travels with him she became more relaxed and started to enjoy the journey.

  • Kenan describes himself as very shy, yet travel has opened him up especially in social settings.


  1. The last place Kenan visited? Thailand

  2. A place that Kenan tells everyone to visit? Thailand

  3. Scariest place Kenan has travelled to? India

  4. Kenans favourite thing about travel? Freedom

  5. Kenans next trip? Into the inside of his mind in a Vipassana meditation practice.

Why Kenan continue to seek out travel and live abroad? Personal growth, adventure and thinking about the bigger questions in life.

We need challenge as humans, to learn and grow.
— Kenan Kreis


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