What is Reverse Culture Shock?

What you can expect and the different phases when your transitioning through Reverse Culture Shock.

What is Reverse Culture Shock?

Is a upsetting and disturbing feelings and emotions experienced by some people upon returning home from spending a significant time overseas.

Signs that you could be experiencing reverse culture shock.

  • You have changed and notice that you don’t relate as well to old friends and those around you.
  • You feel alone as if there is no one who understands
  • You feel bored
  • You're living in your past travels and experience far too often
  • You compare your current situation to your past experience overseas
  • You only think about the good things of your travels or time abroad

Different phases of this transition.

  • Realisation of the return home
  • Initial excitement for landing back in your motherland
  • Denial of your return home
  • Unhappiness, Misery, Gloom, Melancholy and sometimes depression
  • Frustraion about your position
  • Adjusting adapting and experimenting
  • Owning your decision to return home
  • Integration, finding purpose and meaning


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