Are you glorifying your travel memories?

The unrealistic stories and emotions we connect to travel to make it seem 'better' than where our life is at right now!

Never let your feelings get in the way of seeing things as they truely are.

How do you look back on your travel memories?

The common thread is that you remember the good times. Most of the time, you forget the rest. The seemingly ‘bad’ and ‘challenging’ times turn into moments of ‘overcoming challenges’ and you look upon these with a positive outlook.

On occasions I believe you glorify these memories. Making these memories seem even more amazing than they actually were, attaching the strongest and most amazing emotions to them.

The reason is this is important to RECOGNISE is that there are some instances, such as Reverse Culture Shock, experiencing Post Travel Blues or your in a time where your unable to travel but you want to...maybe its a stage of life that your in so it can be unhealthy to look at our memories this way. Making us feel worse about our present situation.

Thinking of travels or any situations for that matter, can lead to “glorification” to the point we envy our past.

SO...Perhaps nothing good and nothing bad?I believe that in life you experience emotions 50% what you label ‘positive’ and 50% what you label ‘negative.’

The opposite is also true. You can also dramatise the negativity of a situation. Stating how awful and horrible it was and deep diving into these emotions. Painting this time in a far worse light than it actually was

It's up to you how you see a situation, look at what you gained from it? The challenge that you faced, the wonderful time that you had. Just don't over glorify it and make it something that it wasn't. Especially if your working through a tough stage of your life, it will only make things more challenging for you.


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