Andrea Lewtas - Living in joy and helping others through holistic health.

Living, working and travelling in Europe for 2 years returning home. Then living, working and traveling in South America and Canada before settling home and practicing Ayurvedic health.

About Andrea

Andrea is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga teacher and avid traveler. She is truly passionate about Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, travel and life in general!

In 2016 she founded Ananda Ayurvedic Wellness, here it is her aim to help people overcome their health issues and enable them to live their life to the fullest potential.

She grew up in a small beachside town in Victoria, Australia, and after travelling the world for many years, discovering herself and what this amazing planet has to offer. She now finds herself living the beach life once again with my partner in sunny Perth.

You need to do things that make you joyful in life.
— Andrea Lewtas

When coming home...

  • Emotions Andrea faced - Resisted but ready to come home, knew what she would face when coming home. Starting from scratch with no money. Some anxiety.
  • What had changed - Appreciation for Australia and home town.
  • Biggest stress - Not having any money. Having to rely on her parents. Finding a job and finding a place to live.
  • How Andrea supported herself - Went to family for support and her Aunty who lived where she wanted to work. Spent time with her best friend to reminisce about the travels.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock.
  1. Everything always works out in the end.
  2. Go with the flow - there will be ups and downs in life but you need to be able to work with that.
  3. Always choose and adventure in life - keep life interesting.
  • Advise to herself for returning home - Dont stress, the stressing wont help the situation. Have a little bit of money in the back when you come home, you will eventually find your feet again.
I trusted that everything would work out and the stage I was in would always change.
— Andrea Lewtas


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Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

Lets share the adventure. xo