Stepping into her passion after travelling the world with Chloe Santarossa.

Chloe started travelling the world after a break up and after returning home and dabbling in a few jobs she decided to set up her own health and wellness business.

About Chloe

Chloe Santarossa is a Holistic health coach, yoga teacher & personal trainer. She believes that life is meant to be lived to the absolute fullest! Along side health and fitness, she loves to travel and live freely enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

It is Chole’s mission to inspire you to live a life full of passion so that you are motivated to jump out of bed everyday feeling amazing with the confidence to do anything your heart desires. She is here to empower you in making healthy sustainable choices through full body nourishment so you can feel strong, sexy and confident.

Chole set off on her first soul searching adventure after ending a long term relationship. She headed for Europe and her travels unfolded from there.

Just do it [Travel] because you will not regret it at all.
— Chole Santarossa

In the episode...

  • After coming out of a long term relationship, Chloe went on a soul searching journey to rediscover herself, which she confesses, in the beginning, her intention was just to party and have fun meeting new people.

  • How easy it is to meet like minded people and talk about common interests.

  • Chloe and I met in Central America.

  • Having an intention when you travel and a way to give back.

  • Chloe went on a 26hour bus ride to work on a conservation project deep in the amazon. They had to trek into the project, crossing 14 rivers along the way and lived in a cage, hiding from monkeys in an extremely primal and unique way.

  • Travelling meant she had to step outside her comfort zone and face her fears many times having to figure out ‘little things’ like boarder crossings, language barriers, currency etc. Its all about working towards an end goal. This mimics life as there are so many times when you are faced with uncertainty and fearful situations that you need to push through to reach the end goal.

  • The fear mongers that scare you when you are going to travel on your own or to a country slightly different.

  • Staying smart when travelling, you can avoid many problems that a lot of people face.

  • Live a life thats inspiring and passionate. Have a career and community that you are passionate about and that you are excited to come home to.

  • Chloe worked through my life coaching program where she had an incredible transformation which reignited her spirit to set up a life which she is passionate about and doesn’t have to ‘run away’ and travel all the time.

  • We are the creators of our lives if you are willing to do the work, hold the vision in your mind and keep taking the steps towards what you want.

  • Chloe now travels for a month at a time with her partner. They have relationship goals and always sets and intention and purpose for their travels.

  • You can choose to live a life that inspires you.

  • Chloe was excited to come home and tell all her friends and family about her travels but realised that they had not had the same experiences that she had and it would be difficult to have those conversations. She also felt lost and unable to find her place.

  • Its ok to outgrow people, look for the people that have similar interests, attend workshops so you can up-skill yourself.

  • Chloe’s advise to people who are holding back about having travels and adventures - Just do it as you will not regret it. It will help you to have more confidence and expand your experiences that will later help you in your life.

Rapid fire round

  1. What was the last place you visited? Egypt

  2. A place you tell everyone to visit? Croatia, Switzerland, Central America, Colombia, Brazil

  3. Scariest place travelled to? San Pedro Sula, Honduras

  4. Your favourite thing about travel? The freedom to decide what you want to do and the experiences you want to have.

  5. Wheres your next trip? Sri Lanka & The Maldives

Why Chloe continues to seek out travel and adventure? Being fulfilled!

We are all fearful of certain things and I think a little bit of fear is good, and when you overcome that it helps you grow as a person.
— Chole Santarossa

Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

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