The 'good' and 'bad' uncomfortableness of travel with Cydny and Marc Voicechovski.

Cydny and Marc are travellers at heart and so passionate about sharing stories of travel. They are now moving to Vietnam to experience living in a new country.

About Cydny and Marc

Cydny and Marc Voicechovski (voice-chov-ski) a.k.a, The V’s, call themselves "Adventure Motivators" with GOAL Traveler. They blog, vlog, and podcast regularly inspiring their followers to join the movement to Get Out And Live.  They consider themselves an ordinary couple with an extraordinary desire to travel and a passion to inspire you to do the same!

They may be seen hiking volcanoes or touring a country via campervan, but often end their treks splurging on 5-star views and 10-course tasting menus.  Why? Because they want to experience all aspects of what a location has to offer. They currently are about to embark on an upended journey that has them moving from New Jersey to Hanoi, Vietnam.

I can do this, reminding myself that I have the power to do this, I’m much stronger than I think I am, and I am much more confident than I think I am.
— Cydny Voicechovski

In the episode...

  • Cydny talks about a time when she was in Kuala Lumper when she was very jet lagged and realised she was being disrespectful towards the muslim culture and how uncomfortable it made her feel.

  • Marc talks about the good and bad uncomfortable. The first time he was on his own on another country and also when he was in an unsafe neighbourhood in Naples, Italy.

  • Good uncomfortableness can stretch you and help you learn lessons and grow as a person.

  • How the language barrier can lead you into difficult situations and how Cydny and Marc had their motorbike impounded.

  • Travel has helped them to become more open minded.

  • Travel has taught them to be patient with travelling itself as well as travelling with a partner.

  • Marc realises that travel will not answer all your life questions but you will be more likely to ask more!

  • The journey of travel really teaches you about yourself.

  • If you are holding back from travel, start small. Also figure out what is holding you back and start from there.

Rapid fire round

  1. What was the last place you visited? Vermont and Oregon.

  2. A place you tell everyone to visit? Greece and Iceland.

  3. Scariest place travelled to? New York City subway at night and Naples Italy.

  4. Your favourite thing about travel? The most educational experience you can get and the food.

  5. Wheres your next trip? Mont Tremblant, Canada

Why Cydny and Marc continue to seek out travel and adventure? Cydny says to get out of the day to day routine and face her fears. Marc says the pursuit to explore new places and the unknown.

Just go somewhere and reflect on it afterwards.
— Marc Voicechovski


Listen to the episode I did with Cydny and Marc on the Just Go Network Podcast.


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