Bridging gaps and building global connections with Frantzces & Nubia from Chronicles Abroad

Frantzise and Nubia a single mothers, women of colour who are now living in Thailand. Together they have created Chronicles Aboard to share stories of all different types of travellers.

About Frantzces & Nubia

Frantzces & Nubia are single mothers who sold all of their things and moved to Southeast Asia. Frantzces has been living abroad for a two and a half years while Nubia has been living abroad for a year and a half. Both have very different travel experiences which led them to create a podcast called Chronicles Abroad which is more than just travel. Their hope is to inspire people from around the world to take risks and trust in faith.

But we are actually touching lives, black, white or indifferent and I love it.
— Nubia

When coming home...

  • Emotions and differences they faced - Frantzces: it was weird and she felt like an alien even though she was visiting the same places she had always been, she just didn’t feel connected. Anxiety producing experience. Nubia: Has not been back to the states but is already planning to do a silent retreat before going back

  • What had changed for them - Frantzces: Life in Thailand is so simple and freeing. She feels invisible and this makes her less stressed Nubia: Laid back and feels like she has no cares in the world.

  • How her mindset changed - Frantzces: Built spiritual practice through meditation and yoga to help calm herself. Adopted the minimalist lifestyle, slow down and be compassionate of other people. Teaches you to face the thoughts in your head Nubia: Has set out to find her purpose. Asking questions so she can understand herself better, becoming a better listener.

  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock

  1. Frantzces: Slow down, I am on my own journey, be kind to myself. Nubia: Patience

  2. Frantzces: Minimalistic lifestyle - I dont need much to be happy. Nubia: Let go and allow the process to be whatever it will be.

  3. Frantzces: Explore and peaked my curiosity. Nubia: What is most important to me.

  • Advise to herself before heading off to travel - Frantzces: I would have just gone alone, its ok to do it solo. Nubia: I would have just let life take its path

Being black in America is anxiety provoking.
— Frantzces
The universe puts people in your path for reasons. Book a room at a hostel, meet new people there, open yourself up to smile and say hello.
— Nubia


We have to sometimes remove ourselfves from our current enviromentment so that we can refocus and realign ourselves
— Frantzces

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