Embracing opportunities, motherhood and moving to Australia with Kate Reynolds

Kate Reynolds started her career in the airline industry where she moved to Qatar for her job. Later she returned home to the UK and ended up moving out to Australia.

About Kate

Kate supports and coaches courageous women to create the life they deserve when they relocate to a brand new city or country. Her first international move was to Qatar, where she lived for over 5 years she then relocated to Australia and has been living here for the past  2 years.

Kate is passionate about helping other women who are planning a move, have just moved and who want to start creating the life that they want to lead.

If something is presented to you, really do weigh up the pros and cons of it.
— Kate Reynolds

When coming home...

  • Emotions and differences that Kate faced - Expected it was going to be the same as when she had left but realised that life had moved on without her. In particular her friendships had changed as she had not balanced them as well as she had liked.

  • What had changed for Kate - Kate had not lived in her home town for about 10 years, she was so used to being away and being the ‘external family member.’ Kate felt really lost after living the ex-pat life and noticed she had really changed as a person. Didn’t think it was the place for her to settle.

  • Biggest stress - How to fit back into the life that had moved on whilst you had not been there.

  • How Kate supported herself - Took time out to look after herself. Kate started to build some self-care rituals and have some time out for herself.

  • How her mindset changed - Enjoy the opportunities that are in front of you, be in the moment and enjoy it. Learned how to manage homesickness and saying goodbye to her friends and family.

  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock

    1. The importance of routine, keep busy.

    2. Embrace the opportunities that are presented to you

    3. Balancing friendships and keep them going however you can.

  • Advise to herself for returning home - Id start planning to meet like minded friends when I was returning home so I had a support network and people who would understand what I was going through.

The stress was how to fit back into life that had moved on so much when you have not been there.
— Kate Reynolds

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