The Wanderlusters Mind - Podcast Introduction.

A podcast about travel stories, navigating the return home and stepping into an inspired adventurous life.

About this episode

Welcome to the Wanderlusters Mind Podcast. I'm your host Abby Lewtas and in this podcast my guests share their travel stories, returning home and stepping into their inspired adventurous life.

In this podcast I share with you a little about my introduction and my story as well as who this podcast is for.

Please enjoy the show.

May you find somewhere beautiful to wonder.

Who is this show for?

Anyone who might experiencing this transition after returning home from a big adventure or travels.

  • You feel stuck or lost or just dont know which way to turn next.
  • You find it hard to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyone who might be preparing to come home from a long time abroad.

  • You're currently working or living overseas, but planning to return home soon.
  • You may have been traveling on a gap year.
  • You're on an extended travelling journey for 10 or more years and are ready to return home.

Anyone who is interested in travel and adventure and hearing travel stories.

  • With stories some incredible guests from your everyday traveller, to extreme adventures.

Finally anyone who is interested in growth and mindset.

  • I believe that travelling helps you to grow and expand as my guests can also relate to this concept.
  • Learn more about yourself, expand your mind, adopt new ways of thinking and continually adjust the way you perceive life and the world


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Abbys Instagram @abbylewtas

Abby Lewtas

Hi I'm Abby, Adventurer, Life coach, Speaker and Blogger.

After a successful sporting career I now love sharing what I have learned from my adventures and traveling the world.

I believe in turning into your adventurous life through your intuition and the little nudges from the universe.

Lets share the adventure. xo