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Welcome to Season 2.

Welcome to Season 2.

Welcome back to season 2 of the Wanderlusters Mind podcast. Im so thrilled to be back with you in 2019 and I have some amazing chats lined up for you hear on the show.

This year Im taking a slightly different angle on the podcast and I’ll be chatting to my guests about their incredible adventures and travels and the lessons, insights, learnings and growth that they have had from them. I believe travel and adventure is an incredible catalyst for growth and transformation and my aim is to share those stories with you here on the show.

Embracing opportunities, motherhood and moving to Australia with Kate Reynolds

Embracing opportunities, motherhood and moving to Australia with Kate Reynolds

Kate supports and coaches courageous women to create the life they deserve when they relocate to a brand new city or country. Her first international move was to Qatar, where she lived for over 5 years she then relocated to Australia and has been living here for the past  2 years.

Shining as your true self with Danielle Knight

Shining as your true self with Danielle Knight

Danielle Knight is your go-to girl for adventurous, wild + soulful living. As a Life + Soul Coach, Travel Mentor, and host of The Sip + Soul Podcast she's on a mission to empower her fellow dreamers, seekers and gypsy souls to unlock their potential, believe in themselves + confidently do, be, have, and experience all they desire, on their own terms. Danielle fuses her experience from traveling the world for the last 10 years with her coaching skills to help others break free and connect with themselves, their passions and one another. 

Travis Barton - Bartending in California to travel, adventure and life coaching as a global citizen.

Travis Barton - Bartending in California to travel, adventure and life coaching as a global citizen.

Travis Barton is an expert at taking people who want to be extraordinary to epic new heights, through what he calls, adventurous coaching for extraordinary people. Travis has personally worked with a variety of people one on one, from executives and CEO's, to athletes and actors, to other coaches and entrepreneurs, supporting and challenging them in a powerful space to move passionately toward their dreams and goals, holding them at their highest self, creating space for real life changing magic to happen.

Pip Honour - A wellness journey and a travelling adventure.

Pip Honour - A wellness journey and a travelling adventure.

Pip Honour is a Wellness Coach and Meditation Teacher. She works with women 1:1 and in groups to help them create more Confidence, Clarity and Calm in their worlds. Her work is grounded in the belief that transforming your mindset will create positive and lasting change.

Pip went on a six month adventure spending 2 months in Europe - Italy, Croatia, France, Germany and Hungary, 1 month in South Africa, 1 month in India and 1 month in Sri Lanka before returning to Australia to grow her life coaching business.

Jo Parker - Shaping her life during 12 months in Denmark.

Finding freedom and purpose in her life at sixteen years old whilst on Rotary exchange.

About Jo

Johanna Parker is a heart-centred life, confidence and public speaking coach, international speaker and MC, life coach trainer, authenticity-advocate, travel junkie and founder of her personal empowerment business, Heart Sparks. 

Hailed by Women’s Fitness Magazine as a ‘positivity expert’, over the past ten years she has empowered thousands of young people and adults across not-for-profit, local government, education and community settings to become more connected to themselves, to confidently embrace their uniqueness, to bravely honour their voice and to build incredible, purposeful lives all over the world.

She is an avid traveller who caught the travel bug at a very young age and successfully built an location-independent business that nurtures her love of wandering while still allowing her to call Australia home.

I just kept showing up and really threw myself into learning the language and connect with people.
— Jo Parker

When coming home...

  • Emotions Jo faced - Resisted thinking about returning home. Looming expiry date of trip. Jo felt displaced, alone, misunderstood, sad and confused for 9-12 months after returning home.
  • What had changed - Felt like the world had stopped. Everything had changed but Jo felt grateful for the experience. 
  • How Jo supported herself - Aligned with anything that connected with who she really was. Maintaining relationships in Denmark, talking to those who were excited about her travels. When she was feeling sad, she gave herself space to process the feelings.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. Reverse culture shock is a real thing, its a natural part of travel so take the pressure off.
  2. Home is on the inside, home is wherever you are.
  3. The relationship that you have with yourself is paramount.
  • Advise to herself for returning home - Everything will be ok, you can always choose to do something different and you have the power and the control to change things.

Jos tips for dealing with Reverse Culture shock.

  • Recognise what it looks like feels like sounds like.
  • Take the pressure off.
  • Find people who you relate too.
  • Be willing to speak up if you are struggling.
  • Follow 'sparks' of what feels interesting.
  • Know that if you return to where you travel.
Denmark taught me that I wanted to work with people and that I loved working with and meeting new people.
— Jo Parker



Jos Instagram: @heart_sparks

Facebook: HeartSparksbyJo

I make space for whatever form that looks like.
— Jo Parker

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