Broadening your perspective through travel with Jamin Heppell

Jamin had a vision to run a marathon and climb a mountain on every continent. He wanted to create community and a business around his idea, so he drew on his passions and abilities to bring it all together.

About Jamin

Before co-founding Mountains and Marathons, Jamin was the director of three leadership organisations centred around the development of health and resilience. He has had the privilege of working with over 15,000 people from diverse communities across Australia and North America. 

Having bounced back from burnout, depression and seven major surgeries, Jamin knows what it's like to struggle and what it takes to transform. He is committed to peak health and performance and supporting others to do the same.

Courage is not comfortable.
— Jamin Heppell

In the episode...

  • Jamins first taste of travel was when he went on a trip to Japan with his school.

  • Things such as lining up for a train and selling alcohol in vending machines really ‘blew his mind’ and started understanding how different cultures can be.

  • Jamin found himself outside his comfort zone when he couldn’t communicate in Puerto Rios, Argentina and he had to find a way to withdraw cash in a very small town.

  • The real reason Jamin travels is to understand and explore different cultures and realises that this broadens his perspective.

  • Jamin loves that getting into different places and cultures really enables him to connect with a new level of creativity. When in this space he believes he feels that he is able to step into bigger things that he is capable of.

  • He is trying to create the digital nomad lifestyle whilst travelling around the world. This demands him to continually be creativity, innovative and think on his feet.

  • Jamin found that running his business can be difficult, especially when they travel to places with unreliable business. He knows when this happens its time to move.

  • Jamin sees his travelling similar to the ‘heros journey’ where he has an inner personal transformation so recognises that when he returns home he wants to make sure that his community is aware of this. He has planned to create a big homecoming which fits into his business and celebrate his return.

  • Advise for people who have not yet taken the leap to go out and travel is the same as what he would give anyone facing their fears and that is in line with the quote ‘courage is not in never having fear, but in having fear and doing it anyway.’

Rapid fire round

  1. What was the last place you visited? Munich, Germany

  2. A place you tell everyone to visit? Chamonix mont blanc, France

  3. Scariest place travelled to? Moshi, Tanzania

  4. Your favourite thing about travel? The stories you create and the people that you meet.

  5. Wheres your next trip? Uncertain - formally Tanzania but hoping to fit in a trip in-between

Why Jamin continue to seek out travel and adventure? An insatiable curiosity.

I believe that our minds only going to expand as far as we are willing to stretch them and travel is quite a remarkable way to do that.
— Jamin Heppell
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