Margot Andersen - 7 years in London and returning home to help others in repatriation.

Margot moved to London on a working visa and ended up staying there for 7 years. She faced challenges returning to the professional world when returning home before establishing her own successful business.

About Margot

Margot spent 7 years living in London before returning 'home' to Australia approx. 12 years ago. Whilst she loves being back and firmly believes she made the right decision to do so, the return journey was not quite as straightforward as she had anticipated.

However it is these experiences that led her to start a network group called Insync aimed at helping repatriates reconnect as they return; as well as develop several career management and leadership programs in her consulting business to support both individuals and the organisations that they work for.

She regularly writes and speaks on the topic of repatriation, global mobility and global careers and is passionate about helping people leverage the amazing experiences they have had as they return ‘home’.

We are all hardwired to connect and belong and contribute and when we cant see it for ourself its very difficult to ask others to help us on that journey.
— Margot Andersen

When coming home...

  • Challenges and Emotions Margot faced - Re-establishing herself in the professional world and in her career. Losing confidence and momentum in certain areas of her life.
  • How Margot supported herself - Spent time with people who understood the journey she was going through. Participated in short courses. Got involved in the local community.
  • Points about mindset - Get clear about why you want to come home
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock
  1. You can do more than you think you can - the magic is on the edge of your comfort zone.
  2. Things wont always go 100% to plan.
  3. I want a rich, full life, there is an enormous world out there to go and appreciate but you have to decide what we want and go after it
  • Advise to herself for returning home - Plan, aknowledge why you have come home and connect with others.
Patience hasn’t been a big thing and we have to learn to be a little bit patient.
— Margot Andersen
There is great power in lived experience and shared experience.
— Margot Andersen

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