Mike Campbell - Corporate marketer to living immediately.

Slow travelling through North America and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.

About Mike

Mike Campbell is a speaker, podcast host and writer behind liveimmediately.com. He encourages parents and organisations to live more with less, and to spend as much time as possible doing things they enjoy with people they love.

During 2016 Mike, his wife and then 4 year old daughter went on a family adventure where they attempted to house and pet sit their way through North America.

They spent winter in the north woods of Wisconsin, in a log cabin in the middle of a national forest, in a town called Clam Lake that has a population of 37 people. When they arrived there daughter was the youngest person in the town and Mike was the second youngest.

They then had spring in the Colorado Rocky Mountains of Breckenridge, summer in Rhode Island, and Autumn in Upstate New York.

Everything works out in the end, if its not worked out its not the end.

When coming home...

  • Emotions and feelings Mike faced - finding life rhythm, juggle finances, career and life. Unknown of what will happen next.
  • Biggest stress - Not wanting to come back to the 'normal,' trying to figure out what his next chapter was all about, continually maintaining the relationship with his wife and daughter.
  • How Mike supported himself - Support has always been around him with his wife and family. Diving into setting up his new website and podcast.
  • 3 Lessons learned from travel and reverse culture shock.
  1. Time is the true currency.
  2. Our kids are always in contact with us.
  3. The trip is only one part of the journey.
  • Advise to himself when coming home - This is just another stop on the adventure, this is not the end, just another destination so enjoy the ride.
You don’t know what the end result is and you think you might be able to predict how something will turn out, but more times than not it turns out completely different, but even more beautiful.
— Mike Campbell


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When you start saying yes to your kids, they start asking for less.
— Mike Campbell

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